iPad Business App: FatStax

So your company has a few hundred products in various categories and you have sales people out in the field with your catalogs and sales brochures and data sheets.  Wouldn’t it be great if your people had all of that data in a small and easy to carry tablet with an iPad business app? Yes it would

Astrid Tasks: My New Favorite App


If you have read many of the articles on this site, then you may have noticed that I was a big proponent of Any.Do for task management/to do lists.   I loved the app but I kept hearing people talking about Astrid for task management.  So I decided to try it out and I have

Prospects for BlackBerry 10

New RIM’s operational system BlackBerry 10 has been announced for this fall, and already there are a lot of reactions from their consumers who have been looking forward to something new from this company. This OS is promising some interesting new features, and that the mistakes that have made BlackBerry 7 become less than popular

Social Project Management with Asana

Unless you are a lone wolf freelancer or consultant, you probably have the need to collaborate on projects with other people.  Managing a project which involves multiple people can sometimes be…difficult.  That’s why most companies need a good project management solution. Asana is a web based project management solution which offers some unique features which

Track Your Time With Toggl

I have covered a few time tracking applications on this site.  Including WorkTimer for iPhone, OnTrack for Windows Phone, and Billable Hours for Blackberry.  Am I obsessed with time tracking applications?  No, well not really.  The reason I include so many is because they are so important for business users and especially for freelancers and

Top 5 Business Android Apps You Must Have

Android Business Apps

Android has been one of the leading innovators in the world of technology. Their products and apps are geared towards making the world of business easier to manage. What makes the products all the more convenient is the fact that they are not limited to the computer. Here are the top 5 biz android apps

Top 5 Free Business Apps for iPad

Top 5 Free Business Apps for iPad The iPad is highly favored by professionals and corporate users for its wide range of business and productivity apps. Check out these five great apps for business and get them without spending a cent. The iPad offers a simple design but yields great performance and productivity. Combined with

Top 7 Best Music Apps For Blackberry

You have bought blackberry to join the crowd on BBM. Of course it’s a great messenger to stay connected with all of your friends. But Blackberry is not limited to just messenger. There are a whole lot of other applications available in market which are not only free but will add more use to your

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile

You’d have to live under a rock not to realize the use of smart phones have had a huge impact on our lives and our society.   I found this great infographic from Trinity Digital Marketing which shows some amazing facts and figures related to the mobile industry and the way it has grown. Just a