TimePunch Mobile For Windows Phone

I know I must sound like a broken record but tracking billable time is extremely important for freelancers and consultants.  And in my never ending quest to explore all of the options out there, I give you TimePunch Mobile for Windows Phone. TimePunch Mobile is a free time tracking app for Windows Phone that has

Top Reasons To Give Your Staff iPads

Want to make your office a happier and more productive place, boost your profits and increase your reputation? It’s easy – give your staff iPads! It might sound like a rather simplistic solution to end all your woes, and of course I am using a little hyperbole here to make my point. But at the

Active Survey for iPad: How Do Your Customers Rate You?

If you run a retail business then you know the importance of word of mouth.  An influential customer who loves you can bring in more business and one who hates you can drive it away.  Therefore, knowing how your customers feel about you is very important. Net Promoter Score or NPS is a leading survey

Top Selling Android Business Apps

Today I’m looking at Android and giving you  brief rundown on the top selling Android business apps in the Google Play store.    The open nature of Android has given us quite a few free apps which doesn’t always mean better.   Don’t get me wrong, there are many excellent free Android business apps out

Flint Mobile Payments: Snap A Pic of That Credit Card

Most of us have heard of Square and Paypal Here for accepting mobile payments.  I personally use Square and just recently received my Paypal Here dongle so I’ll try it out soon.   These two services have something in common….you need the dongle to get the best transaction rate.  You can key in the card

Salvage That Water Damaged Phone

I’m very excited today because an experiment worked.  A coworker of mine brought me a Galaxy Nexus 4G phone with a horrible story to go along with it.  He was fishing in the Atlantic and dropped his phone in the salt water.  I KNOW….I’d be freaking out too. He fished it out and of course

Swipe Credit Card Terminal

Here is an app for iOS that I haven’t tried but it looks interesting.   I may give it a try in the next few weeks and do a full review.  Until then check out Swipe Credit Card Terminal.   [appstore id=”309329440″ style=”full”]

Five Apps To Render Business Cards Useless

Largely, technological advances have been embraced by the business world, changing the way we interact and do business on enumerate levels, changing workplaces beyond all recognition. Some relics remain though, despite their outdated and anachronistic nature. Amongst them, the age old business card. It’s been a mainstay of business life for centuries, yet in an

Quickbooks Mobile: Productivity on the Go

I think most everyone in business has heard of Quickbooks.  It’s the big daddy of accounting software for small to mid sized businesses.  I use Quickbooks to keep track of my business and, while it may be overkill for my type of business, I find it extremely powerful. When running a business you must keep