Top Selling Android Business Apps

Today I’m looking at Android and giving you  brief rundown on the top selling Android business apps in the Google Play store.    The open nature of Android has given us quite a few free apps which doesn’t always mean better.   Don’t get me wrong, there are many excellent free Android business apps out there but you generally get better performance (on average) with the paid apps.

So lets look at what people are actually buying in the business section.

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD)

OfficeSuite Pro has been on top of the paid Android business category for a while.   Considering that it’s a $15 app that’s very impressive.    There have been between 500,000 and 1,000,000 downloads of the app which means a pretty good net for the developers.

OfficeSuite Pro lets you view, edit, print, and share office documents on the go.   It also is integrated with cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Sugarsync, SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

Google Play Link

DocumentsToGo Full Version

Next on the list of paid Android business apps is Documents To Go.  Documents To Go lets you edit and create Microsoft Office files including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  It also includes the ability to view PDF files.

Documents To Go is a mature product that has been around for over 12 years in various platforms.  This means that you get a stable product that does what it says it will.  At $14.95 it is comparable in price to OfficeSuite Pro.

Google Play Link


Touchdown is an exchange client for Android.  This allows you to sync with your corporate exchange server and get that important email on the go.   Touchdown includes custom notifications and speech notifications.  It also includes many widgets so you can customize how you interact with the application.

This is the only email related app in the top five and if your company uses Exchange it could be an essential Android business app.  At $19.99 it’s a little pricey but people are buying it in droves.

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Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF)

Yes, we have another document management app in the Android business section.    We see more of the same with this app.   You can open, edit, and create Microsoft Office files as well as share them with your colleagues.    QuickOffice Pro also utilizes cloud services to help keep your documents available regardless of where you are.  This app will set you back $14.99.

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PrinterShare™ Premium

The next app goes along beautifully with the previous four.  With PrinterShare you can print to a wifi or bluetooth printer without the need of a pc.  So you can print those office documents or emails directly from your Android device.    You can print from device memory, SD card, or even Google Docs.  This is a great idea for an app and I will be trying it out today (look for a detailed review soon).  PrinterShare costs $12.95.

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Android users have the reputation of not spending money on apps.  But as you can see here the top paid Android business apps are all over $10 and they have sold many copies.  It goes to show that if you put out a good product that has value for people…they will buy it.

Let me know if you have experience with any of these apps and what your opinion of them is.

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