5 Android Email Apps

android email app

What do you use for email on your Android device?  Do you have a favorite Android email app?  I personally use the stock Gmail app since all of my accounts are either straight Gmail or Google Apps for Business.  But some people like to use other email apps on their devices.  There are many reasons

Top 5 Apps to Manage Your Expenses

manage your expenses

Effective management of your expenses requires their proper tracking. This is true to both business matters and everyday life. It can be tiring to stack up all your receipts and bills but your smart phone can help now.  You should be the one to read and know about the following apps that can help you

Video Apps for Your Business

video app

I’m running out of time today, so I don’t have time for a full post.  However, I did find this article over on another site which lists 10 Mobile Video Apps For Your Business.  There are some well known video apps in this list and some that I had never heard of. SeeVogh The SeeVogh

Infographic – Get Your Customers To Check In

check in

We know that more and more of your customers have smarthphones.  And more of them are using them to find businesses on the go.  Services like Foursquare and Facebook (check in) have created a great opportunity for small businesses to leverage the power of social media and smartphone use. But for this to be beneficial

4 Apps To Manage Your Website On The Go


While running a popular website is almost a full time job, sometimes it is impossible to get to a computer in order to keep things operating smoothly. Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile applications that allow you to do exactly this. As long as you can get to a wireless hot spot or turn on your 4G/3G signal, you

Evernote Business – A Smarter Workplace

evernote business

Evernote is a great productivity tool that many people swear by.  But what about using Evernote in your business environment?  For that we have Evernote Business.  Evernote Business includes all the features of Evernote standard and Evernote Premium and adds special business tools. Evernote Business Advantages Business Library The business library is a central repository

Nexus Tablet for Business


Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post. Google has partnered with Asus and Samsung to produce it’s Nexus line of tablets.   These tablets are free from carrier and manufacturer OS modifications.  This leads to a pure Android experience for users.  So, these tablets are great for personal use but what about for