Do Spy Gadgets Make Your Life More Secure?


It always struck me with amaze when I found all those advertisings of new spy gadget coming out over the net. Those hidden camera, eavesdropping, tracking device are so innovatively added to simply a pen, watch, glasses, T-shirts, button, key ring and so on. It is kind of creepy even to think of it that

Choosing The Right Cable Supplier

If you work in the I.T. field then you know how often you need to have the right supplies on hand.  Clients rarely have the right cables or connectors on site.  So you need to have a good supply of cables and other parts at your disposal. Ordering cables and other telecommunication cable supplies can

HP ePrint: Print From Your Android Device

HP ePrint

Printing from a phone or tablet was once a very difficult (if not impossible task).  But we are seeing more apps and services which make it possible today.    The benefits are numerous.   If you are working onsite for a client and need to print out an invoice, estimate, or other document then you

Set Up Your Online Storefront Quickly and Easily

The increasingly competitive world of online retailing requires smart and fast solutions to help businesses succeed. Some may go for homegrown solutions that require time to build their own websites and establish agreements for companies to handle their payment processes. Those who wish to build their businesses rather than websites choose ecommerce web hosting from

Flowfinity Announces Enterprise Mobility Solution [Press Release]


I ran across this press release today and thought I’d share it.  I think we will see more industries moving to enterprise mobility solutions.  It makes sense to keep your employees in the field connected.  This makes data collection and dissemination much simpler.  Take a look at the press release below for more info on

Choose The Right Shopping Cart for Your Website

shopping cart

Ready, Set, Shop! If you own an online business you need to have a shopping cart and a website to be successful. People visiting your online business are more likely to make a purchase if the shopping cart you choose is easy to maneuver and user friendly. Sales are quickly lost if a customer cannot

Insurance Claims Recorder for iOS

Unfortunately, certain parts of the U.S. and Canada seem to be prone to natural disasters. Over the past decade there have been many reports of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and forest fires. These disasters typically cause carnage in their wake and have been known to cause millions of dollars worth of damage to property. The vast

6 Best Architecture Apps

There are many applications today that have impacted people’s life in different ways.  Some of these apps are just for leisure while others are professional and have helped people in their careers. For example, there are several architecture apps that have greatly changed the way architects work. Here is a look at the 6 best

App Discovery: File Manager for Android

file manager

We will be publishing a new type of post here at Small Biz Dad.  App Discovery posts are meant to show you the details on business apps with a link to it’s store page.  It’s not a review, but we may review it at a later time.   File Manager for Android Description: Full featured

13 Building and Construction Apps

construction app

Many people assume that construction companies’ leaders have their heads in the clouds but the truth is that they store information there. In a sector that is frequently falsely accused of being sluggish to embrace technology, contractors today rely on the latest technological advances to have the job done. There are many construction apps available