Who Wants A Donkey Ride? (For Mother’s Day)

mothers day

This is going to be a short post but the story was too funny not to tell. I took my two boys (10 & 5) to Walmart the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day to get something for my wife (their mom) and to let her sleep in.  Because let’s face it, you can’t sleep with

ID Card Workshop Review

id card workshop

A couple of years ago I helped a client take their operation from a paper and file based operation to a computer based operation.  When I say paper and file I mean they were still using typewriters and processing membership renewal cards by hand.  When meant updating user data by hand in two different locations

3 Apps For Handyman Dads

I’m not very handy when it comes to fixing things around the house or fixing the car.  I can break apart a computer and build a new one from scratch all day…but not so much with traditional handyman jobs.  So anything I can do to help me around the house is worth it’s weight in

Restaurant Review – Beacon Drive-In

beacon drive-in

I love good old fashioned American food.  Burgers, fries, onion rings, and hot dogs are my definition of American food.   If you are in Spartanburg, SC then you need to visit Beacon Drive In.  The Beacon Drive-In has been around since 1946 and is well known in the south as the place to stop

Over $800 in Prizes – Shower Me, Baby Giveaway!

I don’t currently have a baby in the house but we have had 3 of them and I know how expensive babies are.  So when I saw this giveaway I couldn’t pass up on joining up with these other bloggers.  There are some really cool items in this giveaway and even if you don’t have