The Birth of a Website: Crowdsourcing Your Design

I have this great idea for a website…no seriously…IT’S A GREAT IDEA!!! Can’t you tell that I’m a little excited about this?  I would tell you my idea but it’s such a great idea I know someone would steal it.   So, I have my domain name registered and I have my own hosting company.

The Wisdom of Proverbs


My church is doing a cool thing for the month of March.  We are reading a chapter of Proverbs every day.  There are 31 days in March and there are 31 chapters in Proverbs.  Works out perfectly right?  So my wife and I have been reading this together each night before we go to sleep.

Schedule Social Posts with ViralTag

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We live in a social world.  If you spend any time at all online then you are most certainly on at least one social network.   Do you remember MySpace?  It was THE social network before Facebook came along and became THE NEW network.  Then there is the term “microblogging” and Twitter is the top

Review: Screen Time Parental Control for Android

screen time

Oh how I love technology.  I work in the tech field so I am all about smartphones, tablets, laptops, chromebooks, desktops, and servers.   We also know that kids in general love their electronics.  So my kids have their natural love as kids and then they get another dose from me.  My boys received Android

Buying My 11 Year Old His First Cell Phone

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My wife and I decided to take the plunge and get our 11 year old his own cell phone.  We have been avoiding it and telling him he is too young but literally every other person in his class has one.  Now, I know that’s no reason to buy him one but it did play