3 Ways To Make Sure That Your New Product Is A Huge Hit


Congratulations, you made it through the difficult early stages of setting up a new business and you launched a great product that your customers love! Sales are steady and you’re finally making a profit, but what do you do next? 

One of the most obvious ways to push your business forward is to design and launch a new product. If you do some market research and find out what made your first product so successful, you can replicate your success and design a great new product. However, it’s important that you don’t get complacent and assume that you are going to make lots of sales because a second product launch is a tough thing to get right. If you don’t market the product in the right way, it could be a complete flop. The good news is, you can avoid that if you use these simple methods for a winning product launch. 

Build Hype Before The Launch

Excitement is the key to a good product launch. You want people to write the launch date on their calendar and log on to your site at midnight so they can buy it right away, which is why it’s so important that you build hype before the launch. You should start from the very beginning when you are in the product development stage. Write social media posts letting people know that you are designing a new product, and document the whole process from initial ideas all the way up to prototypes and manufacturing. When people follow the journey all the way along, they will be a lot more invested and they will be desperate to get their hands on that new product. When you get close to the launch, you should put a countdown clock on your website to get people really excited. 

Make A Product Launch Video

When your new product is ready to go, you need to show people what it can do. A long list of features makes for boring reading and it won’t get people excited, so you need to make a product launch video instead. Hire a video production company and create a video that showcases your product and demonstrates how it works. Tell a story and show people that they can’t live without it. People are far more likely to watch an exciting video than they are to read a lengthy product description, so this step is vital. 

Go To Trade Events 

Online marketing is so important and a great product video is an effective way to demonstrate the value of your product. However, you need to start thinking about other ways to showcase your great new product, like exhibiting it at events. Trade events are a great way to expose yourself to a lot of new clients in one space, and when people can get up close and personal with your product, you can really sell it. Set up a stand, give out some good freebies to entice people, and run some product demonstrations. If you impress people, you will see a big increase in sales. 

If you follow these 3 simple steps, you can guarantee that your new product is a huge hit and sales are high from the day of launch. 

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