3 Ways to Make Your Office Greener


A greener business tends to attract the right kind of customers who believe in the same cause. This is becoming increasingly popular, though, and your business should certainly not miss out on all the great benefits that come with running an environmentally friendly and more sustainable business. Especially not if your competitors have their focus elsewhere.

Here is a handful of ways to make your office just a bit greener as well as how you can let your customers know about the great job you’re doing for mother earth. That way, it will be a bit easier to keep them around for longer and hopefully even attract a few new ones.

#1 Saving Water And Electricity In The Office

Even if you rarely invite your clients or customers into the office, it’s a good idea to start here in order to involve your employees. The whole company should be a part of this new and improved way of running the business, after all, and it usually starts with the people on the frontline – meaning, of course, your employees.

Talk to them about how they can help you to save more water in the office, use less electricity, and consider even swapping out a meal or two in the cafeteria for a vegetarian one once a week. Check out http://www.tanksdirect.com.au/ as well, by the way, in case you’d like to take things to the next level and collect your own rainwater. You could also look into changing your energy provider or ask your current one if they have a green energy plan. Gexa Energy for example is a company that cares about the planet and no longer markets fossil-sourced energy. It offers customers low-cost green energy plans that include wind and solar-sourced energy. So not only will you be doing for the environment but you’ll be saving money too. 

The point is that your employees talk about your business and they’re a part of the brand you have built so far. Involving them and making them help your business to be greener means that they’ll only spread good words about their workplace to their friends and family.

#2 Reduce Your Packaging

You probably remember all those pictures on social media of people unwrapping their products in the grocery shops to protest all the plastic wrappings? Your business can join in on the cause as well by reducing the amount of packaging you’re using.

Try to limit it, in general, and let your customers know that you’re trying to help the planet by reducing the packaging and wrapping. When you absolutely need to package something, you can still try to find something that’s more environmentally friendly and recyclable; just have a look at https://www.johnsbyrne.com to get started right away.

#3 Interact With Local Businesses

Finally, one of the best ways to make your business a lot greener is to only deal with the local business in your area. They will be happy for the support, first of all, you’ll be helping to make the community better – and you’re saving the environment as the transportation is so much shorter. There are so many benefits, in other words, and no proper reason to why you shouldn’t be doing this already.

Remember to showcase your new and improved ways as well, influence others to follow your lead, and watch your customers fall head over heels in love with your business.


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