5 College Degrees That Will Earn Your Money Back


As the cost of getting a college education rises and rises, and the prospect of getting your dream job isn’t always certain, many people are reconsidering college and if it is right for them. If you want to get a good education and get a good job afterwards, then there will be the cost of tuition to consider. And it is why, more than ever, the questions ‘what are you majoring in?’ is one of the most important ones as it could depend on you being able to pay back your college loans sooner than others. So here are some of the best college degrees that are likely to have the best return on your investment (in both time and money). Will any of them work for you?


If you’re good with numbers and enjoy solving mathematical problems, then a math degree could be the best course for you. You do have to enjoy it, though, otherwise you’ll be in for a long and dull career. Working as an actuary, accounts receivable manager or a research analyst can lead to a high income from $70,000 and up. So it is plain to see, even without doing the math, that this could be a good option for you.

Information Technology

We live in a technological and digital age, so the need for experts in information technology isn’t likely to be diminishing anytime soon. From web development to working as an in-house IT specialist, it can be one of the most lucrative jobs around, with a high likelihood of earning a six-figure salary after some experience in the industry.

Human Resources

Working in human resources is a need for almost all businesses. So there is likely to always been a need for it, as they play a key role in the hiring and firing of employees and working to develop policies and plans to have a productive and happy workforce. If you’re a people person that likes to motivate, then it could be a good major to choose.


Though getting an education in law can be a lengthy process, it can be one that is completely worthwhile. When you get qualified and start your own firm, or work up to be a partner in a law firm, you can be talking about some really big money. In law you can choose which area to specialize in, from becoming a personal injury lawyer to a family lawyer or a corporate one, just as examples. So there are plenty of options depending on where your passions lie. There can be long hours in a career as a lawyer, but it can be worth it for the money and job satisfaction.


Getting marketing right is going to mean big bucks for any business. So it makes sense that they are willing to pay for the right tips and experts to run their marketing for them. If you’re creative, are good at selling (think selling ice to Eskimos), and have a flair for persuading and leading people, then it can be a big-money career for you.



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