5 Ways Small Businesses Can Build a Strong Online Presence


The impact of technology means that going online has almost become the first option for anybody looking for one kind of service or another. People usually search the web to find and read about services and products before deciding on their next course of action. There are currently over four billion internet users worldwide, with more than two billion companies also taking their businesses online. Thus, building and establishing an online presence is a must for small businesses as it exposes them to a wider pool of potential customers to reach. Here are some ways to build an online presence for your business.

  1. Get a website

Getting a website for your business is one of the most important steps to give your company the online presence it needs. It will be the starting place for potential customers to get to know what about the products or services you offer and as well as how you can be reached. You can either hire a professional web developer to create one for you or pick from a number of free hosting platforms like Blogspot and WordPress. The most important thing is that your website has every important information about your business and how potential customers can get in touch.

  1. Take advantage of social media

97% of digital consumers use social media actively. This can easily translate into billions of potential customers for you. Popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the go-to for any online audience. Aside from offering a platform to advertise, you can boost traffic to your website by linking it to your social media accounts. You can visit https://rsmconnect.com/social-media-management/ for the best social media strategies.

  1. Build online relationships

No business is an island, and the same applies when your company is online. So, try to find companies that have the kind of clients you want and establish online relationships. You can do this by being a part of online discussions that are directed towards your target audience. This will expose your business to the right audience, and help increase the number of potential customers available to you. Groups such as LinkedIn groups and Google groups are good places to start. 

  1. Create and regularly update blogs

Create unique blog posts on a regular basis. Each original post you publish can be found and ranked by search engines. And this, alongside others such as keywords, will help with your search engine optimization. As much as SEOs (search engine optimization) play a role in making your posts visible, do not allow them to intimidate you. For starters, just focus on creating and publishing your blog posts – and do that regularly.

  1. Enlist your business in Google My Business directories

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Most potential clients that search for business services (and are ready to make orders), search for businesses in their locations. You can attract those potential customers by getting your business listed on Google My Business. Your account should contain your business services, website address, physical location, and contact details. Once you create your Google account, your company will appear on Google Maps and other Google search results.

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