5 Ways To Update Your Dining Room


Are you fed up with walking into your dining room and seeing the same designs, day in, day out? Updating your dining room doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the smallest of changes can make the most significant difference. From updating your centerpiece to adding a new smell, or a fresh lick of paint, you have many options to choose from. If you have the budget, you can go as big or as small as you like by updating all the furniture or adding new lighting. If you are moving, you may want to update your dining room to differentiate from the previous owners.

Below, I have put together five ways to update your dining room.

Upholster your dining chairs

Why not take on a new project this winter and upholster your dining room chairs? Upholstering is a great skill to learn and one that isn’t as hard as it seems, plus it’s a lot more cost-effective than buying a whole new dining set. Just by googling, you will see there are many do it yourself articles which you can follow and try out. Both upholstering or buying a new set will make a big difference to your dining room, bringing in a completely new style.

A new lick of paint

Adding a new coating of paint to the dining room can instantly change the room. Depending on your color, you can make it more ambient, maybe neutral with white paint or calming with some pastel colors. Once you have decided on a new color, you can match your centerpiece with it or maybe your rug. If you would like some inspiration, have a look at mobile paint.

Dress the floor

Have you thought about putting your table on top of a rug? Adding a rug to your dining room can completely change the space, adding color and a new feel to your room. Ensure the rug is big enough as you don’t want your chairs sliding off when you pull them out. The addition of a rug can also make your dining room look bigger, and guests will straight away notice it as they walk in.

Add a nice smell to the room

Smell is such a powerful sense we have. How many times have you walked into a nice hotel and said that it smells nice? Depending on the type of scent, you can picture yourself in the lap of luxury or relaxing in a spa. A scent has the power to transform a room and make it more appealing. Why not purchase a new reed diffuser and place it in the corner of the room, changing your dining rooms smell altogether? When guests come over, it will be the first thing they compliment about a room.

Purchase a new centerpiece

Adding a big bouquet of flowers, some candles, or a fruit bowl can change how a room looks instantly. Flowers add color, make the room seem brighter, and can be changed depending on the season. Candles smell good and are perfect for a romantic evening. A fruit bowl also adds color, and depending on the bowl’s style; it can make the room look bigger. A new centerpiece is a great way to make a change quickly and cost-effectively.

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