Are You Showing Off Your Company’s Green Credentials?


There are plenty of reasons why you should consider taking your company’s green levels to the next level. For starters, it’s the right thing to do! Second, it can also help your business make considerable cost-savings. And finally, your customers will appreciate it. Research has shown that more customers than ever before are selecting the companies they spend their money with based on how much social responsibility they express. If you’ve got a care for the earth flowing through every aspect of your business, then there’ll be nobody doubting your green credentials.

Make it Part of Your Core

Being green isn’t something that you can just tack on to your existing operations. Very often, the standard practices are in direct contrast with what’s good for the environment; as such, you need the ‘green’ aspects of your business to go straight to the core of how you operate. Obviously, it’ll be a little late to have a complete overhaul of how you’re doing things at this stage, but what about in the future? Moving forward, view all of your decisions through the lens of ‘is this the greenest approach possible?’

Reducing Waste

All companies produce waste, but that doesn’t mean you should just be content with whatever you’re producing. There are many ways to limit the amount of needless energy and waste that your business produces. Going paperless, for example, is relatively straightforward, and can bring a bunch of other benefits, too, including streamlining your operations and making it easier to keep tabs on all your important documents. This approach extends beyond just your paper, of course, there’s also the matter of making more of an effort to turn off your computers when they’re not in use, and so on.

Going the Extra Mile

A general approach to reducing waste will be useful, but it’ll be even better if you can have the core of your infrastructure on the right side of the environmental battle. Instead of regularly lighting, you can take a look at installing commercial LED lighting; they use up to 80% less power than traditional light bulbs. You can also take a look at your office equipment, such as your printers, refrigerators, computers to see if they’re the most eco-friendly option available.

Green Initiatives

Looking for a way to engage your employees and up your green levels at the same time? Then take a look at adding some green initiatives into your business. For example, a ‘cycle to work’ scheme in which your workers are rewarded for bringing their bike to and from work, will be a big hit with your employees. If you have a large space at your office location, then you could also get an office vegetable patch – your workers will love it!

Move With The Times

Finally, remember that the eco-world is always moving forward, so make a commitment to review and update your business policies if something new and better comes along. If you do, you’ll always be at the forefront of the green business movement.


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