Automate Your Marketing In the New Year. Five Tips


Having a website doesn’t guarantee visitors and customers. There are literally  billions of new sites each year, and the majority of them go unnoticed. If you would like to  work smarter and not harder in the new year, you might want to automate some of the processes that will make your business easier to manage and more effective. Below you will find five tips every website owner should think about implementing in the new year.

1. Autoresponder

While old timers in online marketing have been talking about the importance of having autoresponders for a long time, but they have recently become less effective, because people are being more reluctant to give out their personal information. If you offer something they cannot refuse, however, you can win the game and create a targeted list that you can promote to whenever you have a new offer.

2. Online Chat

Customers in the 21st century are less patient than ever before. If you don’t have the answer in a few seconds, they are likely to leave. Even if you are not able to answer to their question straight away, they will know that they can send over their queries and get a reply. They are not keen on sending emails of making phone calls, so you might want to make their lives easier. Set up a Facebook support group and answer to questions there, as well.

3. Shopping Cart Software

If you are still manually processing your orders, and sending out links and doing your accounting every month, you might want to simplify the process in the new year. Get an advanced shopping cart software that gives you information on who your customers are, what the average order on your site is, and how your conversion rate has changed in the past few months. A shopping cart software can save you money on administration and help you make informed marketing decisions.

4. Share Buttons

Your site will always benefit from social media engagement. If you don’t have share buttons on your pages, and don’t encourage people to post your offers online, you are missing out on free publicity. Get an advanced social media plugin or software installed that will look after your social media marketing and get your brand a well deserved recognition.

5. Video Intros


People visiting your site will want to know what your company and brand is about in the first few minutes.  If you still have long introduction paragraphs, chances are they click away instead of reading on. Click here to learn more about engaging websites. You can easily reduce your website’s bounce rate by adding an engaging presentation video or a personal intro that is straight to the point and gives your visitors the basic information about your offer and its benefit for them.

Whenever you are thinking about changing your marketing plan, you need to work on your website’s user engagement. Today, you can find so many tools that help you get to know your customers better and tailor your offers to their needs.



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