The Best Relationship Starts With The Best Sleep


Any couple that isn’t getting the sleep they need, will be a lot more likely to fight. You’re tired, run down and generally grouchy. But what if you’re not able to sleep because of your other half? Well, that just changes everything. Now you can’t eliminate the problem; instead, you need to figure out how to deal with it (or her) and adjust so you can sleep in harmony.

Here are the most common complaints, and how you can solve them.

She hogs the covers!

Waking up only to find yourself shivering in bed, while your Mrs is all snuggled up beside you is very annoying. If you live with a blanket hogger, instead of trying to fight for your half of the bed, resulting in being pushed out of it – just get another blanket. Whether you use blankets, sheets of big fluffy quilts, get a second one to have on your side of the bed.

She likes to cuddle all night!

Cuddling can be a wonderful thing to do, not only to help you relax and fall asleep, but also a way to show signs of affection. Having said that, not all people enjoy a warm body holding onto them – it may feel a little suffocating, especially when trying to sleep. Have a conversation. Settle on a few minutes of snuggle time, before moving around to get into your position of sleep. If she still craves more comfort, choose a mattress that focuses on giving her more.

She’s an early bird or a night owl!

Make a rule that the bedroom can only be used for two things: sleep and sex. If your other half wakes up far earlier than you, make sure it’s agreed that once they’re up, they leave the room so they can’t disturb your sleep. The same goes for night time – is she has things she needs or likes to do, make sure it’s not in the bedroom disturbing your precious sleep.

She acts out her dreams!

If you’re constantly awoken by elbows in the ribs, and a knee in the b-, this is not only painful, but it can be dangerous for both you and your partner. If this happens often, and your Mrs really is having unpleasant dreams, it could be a sign of REM behavior disorder. This can all be sorted by a professional sleep physician, so if you have worries, try and get the issue addressed before any more distress is caused.

She can’t get to sleep!

If your other half gets restful and can never get to sleep, try and help her to relax. Stroke her hair and face, read to her, or play a little bit of light music. Helping her as a pose to leaving her to deal with it herself will not only make her feel better, but will bring you closer together too. Try running her a hot bath before bed time, surrounded by candles and a warm glass of milk. If it doesn’t make her sleepy straight away, it’ll most likely make her affectionate…

So now you have all the tips and tricks, put them into action and see what works best for the both of you.


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