Could Your Business Benefit From A Security Guard?


Protecting your business is so important, but what does that really mean? Business owners focus on protecting themselves financially and protecting against online attacks, but they often overlook the importance of physically protecting their business premises.3

If your office is burgled, it can be devastating to your business, so you need to take steps to protect against it. Upgrading the locks and installing security cameras is a start, but if you really want to be safe, you should consider hiring a security guard. A lot of business owners consider this an unnecessary expense, but there are actually a lot of great benefits. Here’s why your business should hire a security guard. 

The Best Deterrent Against Burglars 

CCTV cameras are a relatively good deterrent, but they can be deactivated. Some amateur criminals will be put off by cameras and look elsewhere, but a career criminal may know how to deactivate the camera quite easily, so it’s not much of a deterrent. However, a security guard is likely to put off most burglars as they can easily call for assistance when they see somebody. 

Quick Response Times 

If somebody does manage to break-in, even though you have a security guard there, they can respond immediately. There are a lot of things that need to be done after a break-in, like calling an emergency locksmith, informing the police, securing the building, and taking an inventory of what has been taken. If nobody realizes that there has been a burglary until the following morning, the perpetrators have plenty of time to get away. However, a security guard can respond immediately and set the wheels in motion. This means that burglars are more likely to be caught, and you can get your business up and running as soon as possible. 

A Safer Work Environment 

Creating a safe work environment for your employees is so important. Health and safety is an important part of that, but you also need to create a place where people feel safe in general, especially if they are working late at night. A security guard puts people’s minds at ease and makes them feel safer, which helps you to retain employees. If you have clients visiting your office, the presence of security guards will also make them feel more at ease. 

Protects Against Internal Threats 

The risk of crime against your business doesn’t just come from the outside. In fact, employee theft is a much bigger problem than people realize. Most business owners like to think that their employees would never steal from them, but that just isn’t realistic. If employee theft goes unnoticed for a long time, which it often does, it could cost your business thousands. The good news is, having a security guard in the building will deter any employees that would normally be thinking about stealing from the business. The security guard can also alert you to any suspicious activity. 

Even though it is an added expense, a security guard benefits your business in a lot of ways so you shouldn’t definitely consider hiring one. 

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