Don’t Let The Snow Shut Down Your Business


With frozen precipitation from a massive winter storm taking Florida by surprise, the cold wave is threatening to hit the USA  from Florida to northern Maine – in other words, a distance of about 1,500 miles –  by the end of the week. Forecasters have warned to be careful and stay at home whenever possible to avoid getting stuck on the road in a violent snowstorm. If you happen to live and work in the geographic belt between Florida and Maine – in Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York – , it’s likely that you’ve already been packing foods and equipment in preparation for the fierce cold wave, as the National Weather Service has recommended doing. New England might even get see up to a foot of snow and ice according to AccuWeather.

With the Northeast coast on alert, it’s essential to avoid any risk-taking behaviors for drivers and workers during the storm, which is forecast to be one of the most powerful non-hurricane events to affect this area in the past 30 years. Households need to prepare for the cold, using generators, additional blankets, foods and providing shelters to those in need. But businesses too need to prepare to make sure that the snow doesn’t hit them too hard.

Look After Your Premises

If you’re lucky, your business might be only partially impacted by the winter storm, especially if the surrounding roads are only covered by a few inches of snow. If the local infrastructures are kept clear and if cars can drive safely, you will need to ensure that your premises can welcome workers. You will need to provide your team with a clear parking area, using professional snow removal services: Ensure also that the cold wave doesn’t risk freezing your pipe system, preferably with the support of a certified plumbing technician.

Fight Off The SAD Syndrome At Work

The SAD syndrome can affect millions of individuals during the winter season, and it’s likely that your employees might struggle with it too. It can cause concentration issues, loss of productivity, mood swings, and a general lack of motivation. But you can help your team to make it through the harsh winter with the appropriate office setting, from desk arrangement to a colorful decor, as describe on here Keeping a clean and tidy office that offers comfortable work settings, inspirational decor, and the indispensable quality coffee machine can go a long way!  

Find Alternatives To Office Routine


Finally, not everyone will have an easy drive to work during snowy days. Make it easier for your team to remain productive without risking their lives on the road during the storm by introducing remote work options. Be reasonable, however, especially if some off-grid areas are struggling to maintain warm water and heating during the storm. After all, your team should not rely on local generators to work remotely, but to keep their house safe!

As the winter storm threatens the Northeast coast, you need to prepare your business for the eventuality of snow. Put your staff safety first in every snow strategy, from keeping your premises safe to offering remote options.



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