Empty Employee Talent Pool? Attract Candidates From Overseas


Hiring employees for your business is never going to be an easy task. As much as you might wish it, it’s unlikely that the right person is going to come strolling through the door the moment you begin your search. Sometimes, you can exhaust thorough lists of applications and still not find the person that your company needs. There are times when the talent pool is dry, and your business is the one to bear the brunt of the dehydration.

Rather than feeling increasingly frustrated in these circumstances, why not expand your horizons– quite literally? If you’re trying to recruit from the local area, then that makes sense logistically speaking, but it also means you’re narrowing your potential field considerably. By opening up your search not only to a national level but to an international one, your chances of finding the perfect person grow hugely.

If this idea appeals to you, here are a few ways that can help make your company seem like the perfect destination for overseas workers.

Understand Immigration Needs

There’s no point advertising overseas if you don’t have some understanding on what it will take for people to emigrate into your country. If you’re going to take this endeavor seriously, it’s worth working with a corporate immigration law firm who can help you and your potential employees negotiate this incredibly difficult world.

The fact you have taken this step will be a good sign to potential employees. You immediately seem empathetic and understanding, because you’re not just making a request and expecting them to deal with the bureaucracy alone.

Language Options

Many overseas potential employees might not speak English to a business level, which can put them off applying for jobs. That means that something fixable is preventing you from finding the best talent, a situation all entrepreneurs should want to remedy.

When you advertise, make it clear that you don’t expect applicants to have perfect English from the start. You could offer to fund an interpreter for an integration period, or offer language classes for six months after they arrive. These methods ensure that someone’s ability is not restricted from your business for a relatively superficial reason.

Housing Options

Moving to another country is tough, which is why you have to entice potential employees with an offer of housing. This doesn’t have to be permanent, but offering to rent them a home for six months — that is ready to move into the moment they arrive — can provide stability to someone contemplating such a life-changing move.

Decent Length Contracts

Even for non-overseas workers, short term contracts cause a number of problems. For someone moving to another country to work, short term contracts are even worse– to the extent that a potential employee could outright turn a move down. People need security, so if someone is going to be uprooting their entire lives, don’t expect them to do it if there’s a potential to be fired after six months. Offer a year as a basic minimum, though of course you reserve the right to terminate their employment if they perform below expectations.

If you can get the above right, then there’s no reason your business should consider to suffer from a lack of viable employees you can invest in for the future. Spread your net far and wide, and you’re likely to be delighted with what you catch as a result.



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