Everything You Need For A Wild Weekend With The Guys


Forget the family, on your next trip you should head away with your friends, the guys, the lads, the men. Every once in awhile, it’s good to go wild, letting off some steam with some manly activities whether that’s fishing, camping or mountain biking. However, before you start looking at destinations and calling up your mates to make sure they’re free, we need to ensure you know everything you need for your wild time away to be awesome.

The Right Clothing

You should make sure that you do have the right clothing, particularly if you are going out in the wilderness. Pack for various types of weather because you never know when the sky is going to open up and start pouring down on you like Niagra Falls. Our extra advice would be to make sure that you do get some quality work boots. Why work boots? They’re sturdy enough for every environment, no matter what you get up to on your wild weekend away with the guys.

A Sat Nav…For Emergencies

We all like to think we’re experts at orienteering and that we can find our way anywhere any place. But the fact is that’s probably not true. You may, even at the best of times, get lost with no idea which way the campsite is. That’s why it’s best to pack a good satellite navigation system. This will allow you to find your way, even in the middle of nowhere as night begins to fall. They might laugh when you bring a sat nav, but they won’t be when it’s the reason you all find your way back to the warmth of sleeping bags and tents.

Plenty Of Drinks

No drinks on a trip into the wild with your guy friends is a lot like a wedding without an open bar. The concept is just so ridiculous and confusing that it shouldn’t exist at all. Without the right drinks you’ll be sitting in a dreary environment keeping warm by the fire, muttering a few words to one another with one or two ‘this is good isn’t it.’ With great drinks, you’ll be telling wonderful tales about the old ball and chain, sharing horror stories, doing dares and goodness knows what else. Trust me when I say, you’ll have a far better time with drinks in your backpack.

Red Meat For Red Blooded Men

One of the best parts about going into the wilderness is the BBQ. So make sure you are taking some red meat with you like steaks to cook, grill and tear apart with your gnashers. No table manners are needed here, just some good meat that goes down a treat for the whole party.

Power Supply

Finally, it is worth making sure that you do bring a power supply. We know you want to be away from urban life and free from the clutches of technology. That’s totally understandable. But at the same time, you’ll probably, like most people, struggle without checking social media at least once and you may want to call the wife at some point too. As such, depending on how long you’re going for, a power supply could be rather essential.

Have a fantastic time on your weekend into the wild with the guys!



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