Fire Prevention Tips For The Home


Fires are a terrible thing. They are unpredictable, powerful and can wipe out your home within minutes. Far too many families suffer with fire damage in their homes each year, which is why firemen are always trying to educate us in fire safety. But what do you really need to do to prepare your home against the risk of fire?

Clean Your Air Ducts

If you have an air duct system in your home, you need to remember to keep it clean. After a while, if unattended your air duct system can become full of debris and dust, which if left to build up can increase your risk of fire damage to the home if one ever breaks out. You can either hire air duct cleaning services to come and do the job for you, or attempt to do it yourself.

Leave Open Space

As a family home owner, it can be difficult to think about having any space left in the house after filling it with kid’s toys and possessions. But the more items you have close together in your home, the higher the risk of a fire. Take some time every few months to clear through some of your boxes and get rid of things you no longer need in the house. Clearing a space will make it harder for fire to spread and therefore safer for you and your family.

Check Your Smoke Alarms

You might think that once the alarms are in, you’re safe, but actually it is important to test your smoke alarms every few months to see if they have enough battery, and if they still work. Never put your smoke alarm in the kitchen or bathroom because it will beep all the time. Instead, place it in the hallway where you will hear it when you are asleep.

A Watched Pot Won’t Set On Fire

If you are cooking, always stay in the kitchen to watch it. You can leave things in the oven, but if you are cooking anything on the hob, make sure you stay close to make sure the fat doesn’t set alight and cause a fire.

Check For Broken Plugs

If any of the plugs around your house have dark marks around them or the wires are loose, they are probably broken, and could be very dangerous. If you do notice anything like this, take the plug out of the socket immediately and call an electrician to take a look at it for you. Never try to fix these things yourself because you could get seriously injured.

Never Leave Candles Unattended

Unless you want your whole house to set on fire, never leave a candle lit when you leave the house. If you do want to light some candles in the evenings, make sure to put tealights on a plate or in a holder, and jar candles away from the wall or curtains. Even if the flame doesn’t reach a curtain, the heat could be enough to set off a fire.


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