Making The Most Out Of Your Home


Owning your own home is great – it’s yours to do what you please. You want neon walls; you have neon walls. There’s no one to tell you otherwise. But the struggle is figuring out how to make the most out of your home. The chances are that you will be in this house for a number of years, you will go through a whole host of changes through that time, and not just with the decor. You might raise a family in this home and will constantly be having to find new ways to keep the place organized and clear of clutter.


The first step would be to give the illusion of space by using neutral colors throughout your home. This will make rooms appear larger and make any clutter seem smaller in comparison. You can lift a neutral space by introducing bright colors with your furniture or accessories – like matching curtains and cushions. Or you can introduce a feature wall. But try and keep your color scheme light, no dark or deep colors as this will make any room seem smaller.


As you can see on TV and in magazines – it’s all about the lighting. The right lighting can make any space seem bigger, and with all the different options you can get from places like, you will be able to pick and choose between designs. You can also get lighting that can be controlled by your phone, or that has an automatic dimmer. The options on lighting are a lot more than you would initially think.


Clever storage solutions are easy to come by, and easy to DIY if you were so inclined. You can create space under the stairs with shelving and pull-out shoe racks. Or you can double up storage and furniture with compartment beds, or benches. There are so many ways to create extra storage in your home – whether you buy it in, or do it yourself.


Making the most of you house space might mean converting a room. You could convert your garage into a home office, a gym or a studio if you wanted. A loft conversion might give you an extra bedroom, or a cinema room. Get ideas from sites like and think about what you really could do within your home. Maybe you have a large storage cupboard which would make a good downstairs toilet or a downstairs toilet that could be better used as a utility room.


Rather than converting space you already have – maybe you just need some extra room. You can extend an entire section of your house, which can give you a larger room, or an extra room or two. Or you can look into the benefits of a conservatory or sunroom. If your garage is separate from the house, you can look at building an extension that encompasses the space between, linking the two buildings together.


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