Flying Solo: Tips To Survive Business Travel


Whether you’re a business owner or a valued employee, your first business trip is a very exciting moment in your career. Not only is it a unique experience compared to anything you’ve done before, but it could also open the door to a brighter future. Before departing, though, it’s imperative that you appreciate the need to be well prepared.

Without suitable planning, it’ll be impossible to unlock your full potential during the trip. Unlike localized meetings, you can’t simply make amends by revisiting a couple of days later. Avoid those problems with this checklist, and your hopes of success will soar.

  • Make sure that you have packed the necessary tech devices. There’s nothing worse than turning up to an important meeting only to realize that the content can’t be accessed. Therefore, it’s worth storing files via the cloud too. Finally, you must remember to bring travel adapters and other charging facilities that may be required during the trip. Of course, those demands will be fewer for domestic travel.
  • Stay connected to the company too. Communication is everything in business, and changes may occur between your departure and arrival. Using conference calling Apps to remain updated with the latest developments is advised. If nothing else, you can go through your preparations one last time or discuss something you’ve considered during the journey. It might not always make a difference, but not having the resource there at all could spell disaster.
  • Know the area you are visiting. When traveling for pleasure, that sense of unfamiliarity can be fun. On business, though, it’s vital that you stick to schedules and avoid unnecessary stress. Whether hiring a car at US Car Hire or using Google Maps to gain directions to the meeting spit doesn’t matter. Any preparation that prevents possible mishaps is a step in the right direction. If visiting a non-English speaking country, downloading a translator App is key. The people you’re meeting might speak English, but it doesn’t mean the locals will.
  • Protect yourself financially. Problems with recreational flights are one thing, but issues relating to a business flight could cost you dearly. Besides, money is the main incentive of your trip. Search for suitable travel insurance from GoBear to remove those fears. Aside from anything else, the clear head will enable you to focus on more important aspects of your travel preparations. Ultimately, that should offer the best chance of making the most it.   
  • Ensure that the journey is comfortable. This may be your only chance to make a winning first impression, and your appearances count for everything. Arriving in a mess could scupper your chances before you’ve even started. If possible, arrive a day early and book a hotel room. Should this not be viable, take a neck pillow on the flight along with toiletries. Most airlines provide them in business class, but sticking to your tried and tested routines is always the better solution.   

Essentially, great organization is the key to making the business trip work for you. As long as you stay on top of those features, you should be just fine.


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