Get on Their Level: a Guide on How to Connect With Your Audience


Running a company can be difficult. There are so many different components that make a company that you’ll be dazzled by the amount of choices you have. Take your customers as an example. There are plenty of ways for them to contact you. They could use Twitter, Facebook, email or even call you, but can you say that they’re actually connected to your business? To help you get closer to your customers, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Attend Trade Shows And Exhibitions

The best way to get up-close and personal with your audience is to attend a trade show or a public event. Being there in person means that you can talk directly to consumers, and they can offer live real-time feedback on changes or suggest improvements to the current iteration of your product or service. Attending a trade show can often be expensive, but as long as you use it as an opportunity to show off our products and also to network with other clients, investors and businesses, it will likely be seen as a successful venture.

Specialized Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can change based on your needs and also the creativity of the designers. Be sure to contact experts in marketing such as Danny DeMichele for more information on what they can add and how they can do it. It might seem expensive, but marketing experts understand the ins and outs on how to attract certain audiences, and you would be wise to listen to them.

Speak Directly To Your Customers

Instead of outsourcing your customer support (a terrible idea) you should try and speak to you customers directly. This can either be on social media, phone or even email. However, they decide to contact you, make sure you respond in a polite and friendly manner to increase the chances of them making an educated purchase at your store. They’re going to bombard you with different questions, so make sure you’re prepared to answer with all the knowledge you have.

Utilize Social Media As Effectively As Possible

Every successful business understands that social media is one of the best platforms that you can use to connect with your audience. Your Tweets will be liked and shared by fans, and the Twitter replies/messaging function means you can speak directly to them with “@” sign mentions. Many large companies use Twitter as a means of customer support and help without waiting for long email responses or waiting in line on the phone.

Leave Them Personalized Messages To Show They Matter

Lastly, don’t forget to show your customers that you appreciate their business. Even if it’s just a small gesture like a signed card or an email greeting, try and leave your customers something personalized that they can remember you by. The idea is to shower your customers with gifts and affection so they see it as a bonus of working together with you. This greatly improves your customer interaction rate and motivates them to come to your company.


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