Great Home Businesses For The Scientific Dad


If you consider yourself something of a science buff with an entrepreneurial bent, then you might well be wondering how you can effectively marry the two. As it happens, there are likely to be a range of businesses which you can consider setting up in your own home which can make use of these particular skills and kinds of knowledge. Many businesses rely on scientific understanding, and there are some that are solely science-based as well. Knowing your options will give you a better start in the world of business, and with that in mind let’s have a look now at a few of the best businesses for those with a scientific interest.

Home Research Lab

If you are keen to research some scientific theory, then you could always set up a home lab as a business. This can be a particularly exciting way to do it, but you will probably find that you do need to have a decent amount of space in order to really make it work.

The thing about a home lab is that you will need to be able to have space for all the equipment, as well as the many various chemicals and precious metals from Colonial Metals too. Not only this, but you will need to think about how you can store them safely so that they are not a harm to anyone. There are a number of regulations surrounding this, and it is a good idea to get to know them as best as you can first and foremost. That way you can build your lab in the knowledge that it is safe, and get to work on your research.


If you are qualified in any kind of science, then one of the best ways to turn it into a business is to tutor people. You could be tutoring children in readiness for school exams, or you might even want to tutor adults who just want to learn a little of the science they wish to know.

Likewise, there are a couple of ways of delivering this tutoring. You can invite people into your home, or you could go online and give tutoring over video conferencing. This can be a great way to earn a little extra cash, and if you are really keen on it you can easily turn it into a full-time home business. This is a great way to make the most of your understanding of the field of science.

Blogging & Science Journalism

Perhaps you have strong opinions about how science is carried out and you wish to express them for a living. Fortunately, you can also easily do this from the comfort of your home, and this can constitute a full business too.

You could begin by blogging and move on to writing science journalism for various outlets around the country. Magazines like New Scientist are always looking for new writers, so you can be sure to make a little money this way. Start honing your craft and getting your work out there, and see what you can do.


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