How to Transform Your Home On a Budget


If you would like to raise the profile of your home, but don’t want to put up with the weeks or months of renovation, you might want to make some small changes that will go a long way. Improve your comfort level in the home you spend a lot of time in, or just brighten up your room using some simple fixes detailed below.


The price of quality bathroom suites and accessories has gone down significantly in the past few years. If you would like to feel more relaxed whenever you are having a bath and feel content and satisfied when you look around, you could replace your existing bath and get an elegant acrylic bathtub you can spend a few tranquil minutes in. Changing the faucet and the fixtures is cheap and will help you transform your tired-looking bathroom.


It is recommended that you change your carpet every couple of years, as they become impossible to clean after a while. Obviously, if you have pets, you will have to change it more often, or opt for an anti-stain carpet or laminate flooring. Insulate your living room and add some stylish, easy to clean flooring that will help you transform your home on a small budget.

More Light

Adding more light will brighten up your everyday mood and help you save energy at the same time. No matter if you live in a small apartment, you can find clever solutions to add natural light. Install windows over the doors, or add glass tiles. You can also try to open up your space as much as you can, so light flows naturally through your space. If you have outdoor space, you can get some French doors installed that will help you connect your living area with the great outdoors.

Paint Your Kitchen


You might be bored with your tired looking kitchen, and want to transform it. Changing the built in appliances and units will be a messy and expensive project. If you want to make a difference on a budget, you can simply paint the doors and drawer faces using plastic-based paint. Choose modern, bright colors, and make sure that your cabinets stand out from the background.

Feature Wall


You don’t have to redecorate each room to make a difference. Adding a feature wall will help you personalize your standard and dull decor, and you will only spend a hundred dollars or so if you are choosing to DIY. You might also want to experiment with self-adhesive stencil designs to make your feature wall unique and personal. Add a shelving unit displaying your best memories, or a digital photo frame.


Whether you are looking for a DIY project to save money on transforming your home or some small improvements that will make a difference every day, you can tackle one small task at the time. Focus your energy on the most problematic areas, and create a budget for each, so you can get the best value for your investment.


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