It’s Not Paranoia, These People Are Really After Your Business


It’s not optimal to always be worried about what’s going to happen to your business and to consider nothing but the worst-case scenarios. However, there are real risks out there and burying your head in the sand isn’t going to protect them for you. What your business needs is vigilance, especially when it comes to the risk of crime. There are those more than happy to take advantage of a business they consider is vulnerable. The rewards are too great for them to pass up on, and the risks are too great for you to ignore. So, here’s who you need to be concerned about and what you should do about them.


Businesses are a high-value target for breaks-in and burglaries. Retail stores have plenty of goods to be resold and even offices are full of tech equipment that a criminal might covet. You might be in a location that provides some security, such as a mall, but that doesn’t mean you should rest easy. Ensuring that entrances, exits, and windows are secured is a first step.

Alarm systems can serve to alert you and the authorities as soon as there’s any entry to the business when there shouldn’t be. But you can deter criminals, too. Visible CCTV systems, keeping the premises well lit and visible at night, and signs advertising your alarm systems can make you look the opposite of an easy target, which is enough to scare many wrongdoers away.


In retail, you might very well be inviting thieves inside the premises. CCTV, again, can act as a deterrence and help you catch people in the act. However, it’s not enough to rely on it alone. Train staff members to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Use electronic tags on your valuable inventory so that theft will never go undetected.

Don’t forget that it’s not just customers that are a theft risk, either. 70% of all inventory shrinkage is caused by employees. Secure your storeroom, limit access to both the inventory and any de-tagging equipment you use. Make sure that everyone who has access is logged so you know who was close to the inventory and when.

Virtual Predators

It’s not just your physical assets at risk, either. Data can be just as valuable to both you and criminals. Even if they have little to gain from it, they can cause a lot of damage by causing you to lose data or if they choose to make it public. If you have any sensitive data on any devices, you need to take serious digital security precautions. Antivirus and firewall are just the start. If you have an internal IT system, it’s a good idea to hire an ethical hacker to check it for any vulnerabilities and fix it.

Train your team about responsible password use and to never leave logged-on devices active. Teach them the risk of fraudulent hackers posing as authorities and tell them to never share their password. If you use your website to collect customer data, including financial details, make sure you get a security certificate.

With the right security features in place, you can spend a lot less time worrying about what the wrong person might do to your business and spend more time thinking about winning customers and making money.


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