Pay Attention to Employee Comfort


People don’t often think that work and comfort are compatible concepts. Some may make the argument that work is, well, work. You’re at an office, not a spa. You’re here to work, not relax. Et cetera, et cetera.

But it’s not as if comfort is useful only for relaxation, and part of the problem is that a lot of people seem to assume that this is the case. The truth? Comfort is an essential element of work. This would be why the relation between comfort and work is studied and implement as the act of ergonomics. An uncomfortable office affects employee satisfaction, productivity, and even safety. So sort it out!


chair comfort

So what piece of office equipment do your employees use more than any other? Their seat, of course. And if the seats you’re giving to your employees aren’t particularly comfortable, then you may run into a lot of problems. An uncomfortable seat is generally that way because it doesn’t give its user enough back and hip support. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a plush $300 chair for every employee; this isn’t what is meant by a comfortable chair.

Even cheap chairs can give the proper support; though if it’s a bit too hard, then the employee will probably be pretty unhappy and distracted, which will affect productivity. If a chair doesn’t provide enough support for the back and hips, then pain will start to occur. Poor posture will take place, and long-term back problems can result. None of these are particularly good for business.


air conditioner comfort

When people think about office temperatures, they often jump to the conclusion that the most important thing is making sure employees are warm enough. Which, of course, is very important. But a lot of offices don’t actually end up using their heating all that much, even during winter. Loads of people and computers in one room actually ends up generating a lot of heat!

A bigger problem actually tends to be too much heat. Air conditioning, therefore, can become a much bigger concern than heating, and it’s best that you make sure it’s a functioning system before problems occur. People find it harder to concentrate when they’re hot than when they’re cold; plus, if they’re feeling hot, they’re limited in how many layers of clothing they can remove! Make sure your air conditioning is in good condition. Use something like a non contact tank level switch to keep a check on the water condensate level; problems in this area are a common cause of malfunctions!


comfort space

Offices are often crammed full of stuff. There are employees, files, equipment – all making the place feel a bit cramped. Many business owners see having a lot of space in the office as a bad sign. They look at that space and see wasted potential. They assume they need more employees, or that they’ve got a bigger office than they need.

But a cramped office isn’t great for your employees’ comfort. If employees are packed together like so many tinned sardines, it makes them feel stressed. And won’t someone spare a thought for the claustrophobes? A little superfluous space helps your employees think a little more clearly, and also helps keep things cool.



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