Morals Or Money? The Small Business Dilemma


There comes the point in the life of your small business, where you might find that you are struggling, either with sales, or a lack of direction. As they say, your image is everything, and when it comes to your business image, you need to maintain it. But, there is a point where you’ve got so many people relying on you to pay them, that the temptation to earn money and squander any morals you have is a very real one? Is this the solution when a business is struggling to keep afloat?

Ethics: The One Constant

Operating from an ethical standpoint is something that has a far-reaching impact. Without delving deep into the psychology, but you will have ethical codes in which we are bound by, and it;s these that you need to transfer to your business. Ethics colors every aspect of our business practices, even when it comes to our content, the ethics in reputation management has effects on our marketing. Applying ethics to your business dealings is something that needs to be part of your moral framework, so if you apply this framework to your business early on, you will not need to face this dilemma.

Incorporating The Morals

This is all about undertaking a principled approach to ethics in the workplace. You need to operate with a lot of respect for your colleagues and their viewpoints, but you need to consider how it will help you to improve contact with your customers or your employees. It’s not about one or the other, you can employ a moral standpoint and see if it impacts your bottom line. If you don’t lose anything by not incorporating this principle, do you need to actually incorporate it? Undertaking this approach can help balance out the dilemma between morals and money.

How It Impacts Your Brand

Your ethical approach is important to your business image, but its far-reaching impact will benefit your brand also. Responsibility for the most basic of ethics will earn you respect in the eyes of your customer. And, not just by implementing the most basic of approaches, such as treating people with respect and so forth, but if you spend time investing in underprivileged or organizations, or working with local communities, this will do a lot of good for your brand recognition in your immediate area. As a result, this will bring more customers to the company. Building goodwill in your immediate sphere is vital to increasing positive word-of-mouth.
As a small business, the idea of morals or money are not separate from each other, and so, the approach is to implement the two together, so that you don’t go out of pocket, but you also have a positive impact on your brand. In the modern world, where it’s so very easy to put a foot wrong and damage your reputation in a matter of minutes, the temptation to do what you can to cover up and go for the money is all too real. But, by implementing the morals and ethical codes with a knowledgeable business head on, will help you to bring the two together.


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