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I was at the mall the other day spending way too much money when I came across one of those kiosks.  You know that things in the middle of the mall where they sell all sorts of items.  Well, this one was selling mobile accessories.  He had all sorts of cases, chargers, docks, batteries, screen protectors, and more.  I perused his selection and was pretty impressed.  The small business guy inside me started thinking…I could sell these on my website.  My previous site was devoted to mobile apps.  I could easily resurrect that site and sell these mobile accessories.

This idea prompted me to search out a supplier of quality mobile accessories.  This lead me to Reiko Wireless and their huge selection of wireless accessories.  Reiko has been in business for over 14 years, which is huge when you are looking to go into business with someone.    Their website is clean and well laid out.  You can view their products and see what they have available.  And boy are there some great products.  They have over 15,000 of them and I’m sure they are adding more all of the time.  They even give you the ability to filter the products by brand, carrier, and phone.

It’s easy to put products on a website but before I start selling something and attaching my name to it, I want to know that they are quality products.  So the folks over at Reiko Wireless sent me over two of their cases for me to try out.

They sent over a Hybrid Drop Proof Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and a Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5.  I chose these two cases because I have both of these phones in my home so I can try the cases.

reiko wireless         reiko wireless

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked these cases was how sturdy they seem to be.  I really enjoyed the wallet case but I’m not crazy about the color of the one that was sent. It’s my fault because I chose it.   Other than the color I love the case.


The next test was my wife’s S4…this would be the real test.   My wife hates her current case so she was very much looking forward to trying a new one.  My wife also has a tendency to drop her phone…a lot… so the case needs to be tough.  I like the hybrid feature of this case and it fits really well on the phone and I got a thumbs up from my wife.

reiko-wireless-s4-back      reiko-wireless-s4-front

So the products from Reiko Wireless passed my test.  I began looking closer and discovered they have a drop shipping program.  For those of you not familiar with drop shipping, basically you take orders from your customers.  You then place an order with Reiko and they ship the product directly to your customer.  The big benefit here is that you don’t have to maintain an inventory and you can start with very little startup capital.

The drop shipping program from Reiko Wireless is a great way to get into the phone accessory business without a lot of startup funds.   For me personally, it means that I don’t have to devote storage space for a ton of product and I can still offer thousands of products on my website.

Check out the Reiko Wireless website for more information on their drop shipping program.




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