Revamp Your Newsletters With These 2018 Goals


If there is one part of marketing that many businesses regularly neglect, it is newsletter marketing. Most business owners and entrepreneurs think that their newsletter is only useful for sending out all of their latest news and updates to their customers. Some entrepreneurs doubt the usefulness of them, though, as they might go straight into spam folders or simply get deleted. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, most market research shows that newsletters are a really effective marketing method and they can help to generate a lot of sales.

Of course, that will only happen if you work hard at perfecting your newsletters. Think that yours might need a revamp? Here are some goals you might want to set yourself to improve your newsletter game in 2018.

Always Test

Have you been wondering how to promote your brand from direct mail to the internet with the effective cross platform marketing with guaranteed measurable results. If so, then you really should start to use newsletters more effectively. The first step to better use of newsletters is to always test them before you send them out to your mailing list. This gives you the chance to have a quick proofread and ensure that there are no broken links in them.

You can also check to make sure that the images are all showing up as they should. Sending out unchecked newsletters means you could be sending out poorly written copy, pointless links, and other mistakes. And that certainly won’t reflect well on your company at all.

Improve Your Images

Not adding any images to your newsletter? That’s a huge mistake! You need to make sure that every newsletter is engaging in various ways, and it’s not just engaging text that’s going to help you with that – you will need eye-catching photos as well. It’s worth thinking about buying some professional images rather than just using stock images but, of course, that will depend on your budget. But whether you do use stock images or buy some that are of a better quality, you should aim to up your image game this year!

Reduce Their Length

There’s no point sending out an essay in your newsletter – no one will read that! The whole point of newsletters is that they are concise and quickly get to the point. After all, your readers won’t want to spend too long scrolling through an excessively long email, and they might also be very short on time. So, keep them in mind and try to reduce each newsletter’s length.

Improve Consistency

You should also try and improve your consistency when it comes to sending out each newsletter. Don’t send one out and then forget about doing another one for a few weeks. Ideally, you should aim to send out a newsletter every week or every two weeks so that your customers don’t forget about you.

So, there you have it. Once you start working towards each of these goals, you will find that your newsletters greatly improve over the coming year!


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