Small Businesses’ Small Premises (And How To Make Them Work For You)


There can often big a big difference between the offices of large corporations that are sleek stylish and spacious and small business office. As in these space can often be limited, decor might not always be up to scratch, and finding a quiet spot can seem like a nightmare. However, there are some improvements you can make to make even the smallest office environment better. Just read on to find out what they are.

Save Space

As any small business owner knows, the cost of premises can be expensive. Especially if you are looking for a place for a retail business that has excellent footfall. That should mean that all the space you are paying through the nose for needs to be utilized in the best way. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t do this, ending up with old kit or stock, as well as furniture and files taking up the majority of room.

However, things don’t have to be that way, and it’s much better for your business, so there aren’t. As not only will you be more organized, but you will also delay having to upscale your premises something that could cost you more money.

To do this, you can take¬†several routes. The first is to regularly clear out any old stuff that is taking up room like out of date stock and broken furniture. It shouldn’t take too long if you keep on top of it either. Although you may need to have one major clear out to get you started.

small space documents

Another route, especially useful for premises that have to keep a lot of files is to use one local records storage facilities on offer. They will take your documents and store them securely for you, posting them out by express mail whenever you need them. This free up floor space in your premises as you can get rid of all of those filing cabinets. It also frees up your employees to be more productive too as they aren’t spending all of the time fetching and refilling documents.

Give People Room

Another aspect of having a small premises is that you need to ensure that people have enough room to do their work and feel comfortable. For most folks, this means dedicated a workspace that is theirs alone.

Some folks, may even need a partitioned space to work to the best of the capabilities. Especially if they have a very attention intensive tasks to do like work out complicated finances in a busy, loud office.

Green Is Good

small space plant

Lastly, just because your office environment is small, it’s no excuse for it to be oppressive or dull. After all, we all know that we work better in a pleasant, spacious, light environment has a bit of green in it.

So do make an effort to invest in a few plants, give the wall a going over with some white paint, and get those flickering lights fixed. As this will create a positive environment to work in, something that will help your employees be more motivated and productive no matter what size of the office they are working in.  


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