BlackBerry Messenger Delayed for iOS and Android

blackberry messenger

Industry watchers and fans alike rejoiced when Blackberry announced that its popular messaging app would be making its way to iOS 7 and Android. Though the release was scheduled for June 27th, Blackberry still awaits response from Google Play and Apple App Store.  Everything looked great till a statement by the company labeled this information

3 Windows Phone Calendar Apps

windows phone calendar app

Since the days of the Palm Pilot, we have used our mobile devices for productivity and specifically for keeping our calendars.  Today we have many options in Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone calendar apps. There is no reason to settle for one…why not try them all and see which one you like best. Today

Federal Agency Drops Blackberry for iPhones

Anyone who pays attention to technology headlines knows that RIM, the makers of Blackberry devices, is in trouble.  Their market share has been slipping dramatically as users flock to Android and iOS devices.  The latest blow comes in the form of a United States federal agency dumping Blackberry in favor of iPhones. Immigration and Customs

Prospects for BlackBerry 10

New RIM’s operational system BlackBerry 10 has been announced for this fall, and already there are a lot of reactions from their consumers who have been looking forward to something new from this company. This OS is promising some interesting new features, and that the mistakes that have made BlackBerry 7 become less than popular

Top 7 Best Music Apps For Blackberry

You have bought blackberry to join the crowd on BBM. Of course it’s a great messenger to stay connected with all of your friends. But Blackberry is not limited to just messenger. There are a whole lot of other applications available in market which are not only free but will add more use to your

MaxMobile CRM for Blackberry

Yes, you read it right, this article focuses on an app geared towards Blackberry devices.  Although media reports tend to make us believe that everyone is using an iPhone or Android device, there are still a lot of Blackberry users out there.  And many businesses swear by Blackberry and don’t want anything to do with