CanWeNetwork: Useful Connections for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for professionals when it comes to networking.   However, networking has changed somewhat from what it was ten or twenty years ago.  Today many people “network” by connecting on LinkedIn and maybe an email or two.  The level of interaction and conversation has decreased dramatically.  CanWeNetwork has developed iPhone and

WorldCard Mobile: Business Card Reader

We have posted several articles here regarding business cards and specifically digitizing them and storing the information more efficiently.   See the following articles. Five Apps To Render Business Cards Useless Can You Dump Those Business Cards NFC Business Cards As much as I’d like to see traditional cards go away, it’s just not going

Five Apps To Render Business Cards Useless

Largely, technological advances have been embraced by the business world, changing the way we interact and do business on enumerate levels, changing workplaces beyond all recognition. Some relics remain though, despite their outdated and anachronistic nature. Amongst them, the age old business card. It’s been a mainstay of business life for centuries, yet in an

Can You Dump Those Business Cards?

We’ve all been there…with a potential client and we go to pull out a business card and….nothing.  “I’m sorry, I’m all out of cards…let me write my number down on this napkin”.  I think we all know that most of the time that napkin ends up in the trash before we’re to our car.