Survive a Boring Meeting

survive a boring meeting

We’ve all been there…sitting in the meeting that JUST WON’T END.  It’s excruciating and you feel like each minute is an hour.  Usually there is a speaker who has a very monotone voice and he or she loves to talk very slowly.   I’ve been in meetings that honestly made me question whether I really

3 Android Social Media Apps

android social media app

These days you have to live under a rock to not be influenced by social media.  For business owners this means that you now have another medium to get your message out to your client base.  There are many social media apps for Android to let you do just about anything you can think of.

3 Great Small Business Cloud Services

small business cloud

As a small business owner or employee I’m sure you hear about “the cloud” all the time.  In fact it has become a buzz word with everyone jumping on board.  Pretty much everyone is coming out with “cloud” apps…Microsoft has Office 365, Google has Google Apps for your Business,  Adobe has many different services.  But

Tips for Making Your Own Apps

make apps

Everywhere you look people are using apps on their androids, IOs, online sites like Facebook. Think Instagram, the photo app or Farmville an app game with millions of players internationally and you can see just how successful an app can be. But did you know you can create your own? These app building tips will

A Social Media Policy For Your Company

social media

I wanted to share an article that I read on LinkedIn by Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite.  In the article, Ryan makes the argument that business leaders need to develop a well thought out social media policy. The point he makes is that, especially in certain industries, every communication coming from your company can

CanWeNetwork: Useful Connections for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for professionals when it comes to networking.   However, networking has changed somewhat from what it was ten or twenty years ago.  Today many people “network” by connecting on LinkedIn and maybe an email or two.  The level of interaction and conversation has decreased dramatically.  CanWeNetwork has developed iPhone and

Infographic – CEO Influence on Twitter


I found this infographic regarding various CEOs and their use of Twitter.  Not really a big surprise that Zuckerberg isn’t huge on Twitter…kind of like saying that Ford’s CEO isn’t driving a Camaro.  Anyway, check it out. A number of CEOs have used their Twitter accounts to directly reach vast audiences of fans. These inspirational