Unique Marketing Tactics To Try This Year


Marketing for a business is a lot harder than it looks. When we are forming a new brand and trying to gain success in the world, marketing can be a difficult thing to get right and to nail on the first try. Today we are going to take a look at some of the more unique ways that you can market for your business and make a good impression with your audience.

There is a lot of survivorship bias in marketing and today with these unique ideas we aim to help you crash through this and keep yourself afloat and growing for years and years to come.

1. Promote Customer Reviews on Facebook

Social media is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to get into the business world and it is something which can be super helpful for you to use. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and people like their favourite companies and engage with them through Facebook every day.

For you to make a good impression, try creating a social media post which contains a customer testimonial which can be used for your own gain. When people see testimonials from other real people, it makes them want to trust a company and this can be great for you.

2. Use Yelp

Yelp is a handy tool for you to use as a small business because it will allow you to add you business and services to a huge database of businesses around the world. It is important to you when you want to use Yelp that you choose the correct category for your business and this will allow you to show up when people search for something relevant to you.

3. Custom Landing Pages

So many companies use their power and money to create adverts which simply don’t work. If you want to make a campaign which will really work out for your visitors, you need to think it through in a more specific way. For example instead of using your homepage as the landing page for every campaign, think about making a new landing page for a campaign.

For example if you have a sale on with selected items, take the audience to a page which has all of these items listed, with a pop up box which introduces the sale items. Be clever about your campaigns and you are more likely to gain conversion.

4. Promote Content To A Local Audience

Facebook is a great tool to use for your business and one of the things it can effectively do is connect you to your community. If your business is local and you want to gain some exposure, join a Facebook group for your local town or city and you can share things on here. This will help you omake build a reputation with your local community and it will likely lead many more sales on your part.

5. Ask For Reviews

Once a customer has bought a product from you or used a service, you have the ideal chance to use them for some positive marketing for your business. For example when a week has passed since they have bought your product or used a service, you can get in contact with them and ask for a star rating or a review. A review can be a great way for you to gain some positive marketing for the business because if you share these reviews online and on you social media you will be able to attract more people to your brand.

6. Build Guides for Local Activities

If you are a small local business, one of the things you can do to gain some great exposure in the local area is to create a guide or two for local activities. For example if you are in the local area and you know of some great museums to visit or a bar crawl to try, you can create a blog post and share it onto your website and social media.

Although this isn’t always to do with your brand directly it can still be a great way for you to share something about your community to gain exposure and a better reputation in your area.

7. Find Customer Who Are Active

When creating a great marketing campaign and trying to make a good impression with your audience it is important for you to target those who are active to get the best possible outcome. Take a look at your followers on social media and see if you can find people who are often active. This will allow you to engage with people who want to engage with you and it can make a big difference for you when you are creating your content or products.

8. Always Run A Local Ad

A local advert might not bring you a flood of new people to the business within minutes, however when you are running a local advert for your business this can be a great thing because it will allow you to gain brand exposure and start to build a reputation. People will begin to recognise your logo and your brand and this means that when you start creating other content in the future, they will be more likely to click on and engage with you.

9. Sticky Menus

When people visit your website and they start to scroll down to view your content, it can be important for you to have a menu which is easy to access and navigate. The best way you can do this is to use sticky menus on the landing page which will stay at the top of page even when you start to scroll down to view more. It will ensure that people can navigate easily and this will make them more likely to try.

10. Automate Your Social Media

Instead of spending ages working on your social media posts each day at work, it can be a better idea for you to automate your social media with an app like Buffer and post your content weeks in advance. This can make the world of difference for you because it will allow you to share your content consistently and it will ensure that you are always in the minds of the people who are following you and your business.

11. Host A Giveaway

One of the things which you can always count on to help you gain exposure on social media and beyond is to host a giveaway. It cannot be denied that people love to have free things, and if you are able to give people free items they will want to share your content and posts. To create a giveaway all you have to do is post some images of the prize on Facebook and invite people to like and share the image to enter. Asking them to tag a friend or two can also increase your reach and it will likely allow you to gain a lot of followers.

12. Try A Stunt

A flash mob in the street, a piano on some stairs… there are lots of publicity stunts you can try to gain some exposure this year. Think outside of the box and try something which grabs people’s attention and makes them get their phones out to share it on social media. It can be sometimes mysterious at first but it can always turn out to be amazing for you as a brand because you’ll gain a lot of exposure.


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