What is Square and Why Should You Care?


With the world becoming more and more digital with every day that passes it’s necessary for businesses to keep up with it. Fewer and fewer people are carrying money around with them it becomes harder and harder for businesses to collect payment, requiring certain services that are offered. However merchant accounts through credit card companies

Un-Wire Your Business Phone System

phone system

Whether you have an inbound or an outbound call center, the right phone system can make or break your business. You no longer have to have a land line system and can take advantage of an enterprise communication system and get rid of your wires. Free up your workers and let them move around the office taking

I’m Texting…Bring On The Zombies


You’ve seen them…those teenagers hunched over their iPhone and Samsung phones vigorously tapping away on the virtual keyboard.  Are they emailing?  Are they writing a paper?  No, they are texting.  Personally I detest texting.  I have a smartphone…if I need to talk to you I will call you.  If I can’t call you, I will

Travel Expense for Android

travel expense

Last week I visited a client for a consult on a new project.  It was an hour drive and then we went to lunch.  The good thing about these expenses is that they are tax deductible.  But here is what will happen next year when I start doing my taxes…”when did I go there? how

Top 5 Job Search Apps for Android

job search

Although it has shown improvement in the last 12 months, the UK job market is still suffering from the repercussions of the financial recession. For qualified and experienced job seekers desperately looking for long-term employment, it can be difficult finding interesting vacancies in specific industries. Employers all use different methods of recruitment, and sifting through

Verizon Jetpack 890L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

mobile hotspot

This is a very capable mobile hotspot that is compatible for use around the globe. It provides the opportunity for those that need to take the Internet with them to have an excellent mobile solution. It is, after all, risky to rely on providers that are unknown. If you rely on 3G connections at home

Smartphones That Can Keep Up With You

As an entrepreneur, you have very demanding needs in your daily life and one of them is for your gadgets to be able to keep up with you. Your smartphone is one of the most important gadgets that you need to be productive. If it can’t keep up with you, what’s the point of having

1Password for iOS: Cross Platform Security


Our lives are becoming increasingly complex. Not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Too many responsibilities. And too many passwords to remember. This is where 1Password App from AgileBits comes in. Workforce Security With passwords for people at work in their offices, they quite often will be forced to create a password

5 On The Go Apps For Your Business

In the 21st century running a business is all about making the best use out of the technology available. If you have iPads and iPhones on hand, why not download some apps that will optimize productivity and really help your company keep up with the fast pace of the business world today? It’s too easy.

BNA Quick Tax Reference

bna quick tax reference

It’s that time of year again…time to do your taxes.  I have continued to do my own taxes even as they get more and more complicated due to my consulting business and rental property.   I have to admit that there have been times that I almost gave in and went to an accountant…I probably