10 Dual Sim Low-Budget Smartphones

dual sim smartphone

Duel SIM smartphones are something that a few people have become interested in, and some of them are very nice models. These days, even budget models are streets ahead of what we had just five years ago. That may be why people like them so much. It is one of the fun things about technology,

The Next Big Thing in Technology: Wearable Devices

wearable tech

Technology experts assume that the next big thing in tech is Wearable Devices. From an era of smartphones and tablets, we are progressing to an era of smart watches, head gears and many more technological gadgets. The market for wearable technology is expected to explode in the coming years. People have increasingly become tech-freaks and

Stuck At The Airport? Kill Time With A Casino App


We’ve all been there, stuck in the airport waiting for a flight.  Too many times, my flight has been delayed or even canceled and I’m stuck there waiting for hours at a time.  This has led me to look for many ways to kill time.  And since I have an Android phone I look for

6 Conference Calling Apps

conference call

Conference calling is now one of the best ways to communicate–whether you use it to conduct business meetings or to simply catch up with family and friends. The good news is, there are now a lot of conference call services from free to paid that make communicating much easier. If you are looking for free

1Mobile Market for Android Review

1Mobile Market

Where do you get your apps?  If you are an iOS user there is pretty much one answer…from the iTunes app store.  But if you are on Android there are several great options.  You have the default Google Play Store, which is good but you have to deal with music, movies, and books also.  But

Dr. Fone for iOS Review

dr. fone

This site is dedicated to mobile business apps but occasionally we have to expand our range a bit.  Today we’re looking at a Windows app, Dr. Fone for iOS, which lets you recover deleted data from your iOS device.  The prevalence of iPhones and iPads in today’s business environment means that sometimes critical data could

Mobile Solutions For Sales Teams [Infographic]

The use of mobile devices has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our everyday life and this hold true for the business world also.   Many experts say that 90 percent of sales departments are set to implement some form of mobile technology.   In order to remain competitive, today’s sales teams must utilize all technology

Working With Remote Teams

remote team

Today’s business environment is often disjointed.  Many companies have multiple offices spread all over the globe.  This is great for many reasons but it also presents some challenges when it comes to collaborating with other team members.  For years I have worked in a remote office and we  have used quite a few methods to

MetLife To Add Tech Hub To The Research Triangle


MetLife is investing major time, money, and effort in the Research Triangle of North Carolina by building a major Technology Hub in the Carey, NC area.   They will be hiring over 1000 tech positions.  This is huge because you generally don’t find this large a concentration of tech jobs outside of silicon valley. #MetLifeGTO

The Eye Opening Stats of Smartphones

Here are some interesting stats on smartphone ownership and use.  This infographic was produced by Earl Ray and he was gracious enough to share it with us here at Small Biz Dad.   This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Finish Line coupon code) and Small Biz Dad   Embed This InfoGraphic on your