Create A Movie Montage With Flashback for iOS


If you’re like me, then you have tons of pictures and videos of your family.  I usually take hundreds of photos with my phone anytime we take a family trip.   For instance, when we went to the zoo I took nearly 200 photos of the animals and the kids (my animals).   It’s nice

3 Free Web Conferencing Services

web conferencing

When you work for a large corporation or government agency you have many resources at your disposal.  You usually have a complex computer network with mail servers, file server, application servers, and firewalls.  You also have video, voice, and web conferencing on site.  But what if you’re a small business owner or consultant?  You usually

How About Some Trivia? QuizUp delivers.

I love trivia games.  I remember playing the Trivial Pursuit board game as a kid with my brothers and sisters.  I was the youngest and they rarely let me play but when they did I relished the opportunity.  I guess you could attribute my love of trivia to my competitive nature.  I love competing and