Should I Quit My Day Job?

should I quit my day job?

A question for many people who hold down day jobs while working for themselves on the side is should I quit my day job.   This is a personal question that must be answered individually.    But the question still remains should you quit your day job?  I’m going to look at some of the

App Review: US Economy Tracker for iPad

us economy tracker for ipad

If you work in the stock market or have extensive investments or just like to keep up with the economy then you know how much information there is out there for keeping up with the market.  The US economy is sometimes volatile and when you’re dealing with investments, every second counts.    I know that

Don’t Compare Your Real Life to Others Facebook Life


How happy are you with your life?  This is a question that many people refuse to ask themselves.  I think that many people just don’t want to think about it because they are afraid that they aren’t happy with their lives.  They don’t want to face it.   We all want to think that our

Spend Time With Your Family Now

No one knows what a day holds.  Too often we rush through life and get caught up in the mechanics of day to day life.  It’s so easy not to sit back and enjoy every little detail of our family and in particular, our kids.  I find that, more often than not, I’m working on

The Coolest Cooler Around

Today’s post is a hybrid post.  I usually blog about either business stuff or family stuff.  But today I am writing about a topic that touches on both of those areas.   Have you ever heard of Kickstarter?  Kickstarter is a form of crowdfunding.  Which means that you create your project and tell people why

Back To School Giveaway – Win $500 and Chromebook

Back To School Tech Giveaway – Win $500 and New Chromebook As the father of three children I know the costs involved with going back to school.   In a few years my daughter will be going off to college and I would love for her to win this contest.  I have partnered with several

My Kid Says: When You Pet Donkeys


This is the latest in a series of posts that should last until my son hits 18 yrs old.  He is currently 5 yrs old and is constantly giving us lots of laughs with the things he says.    I keep saying that I’m going to keep a logbook of everything he says but I

Proposal Tools For Freelancers: BidSketch

One of the most difficult parts of being a freelancer is securing new projects.  It’s a competitive out there today.  A slow economy has created a situation where many people begin doing freelance work on the side.  This means that you have to do something to set yourself apart from the crowd. Many times the

7 Content Creation Apps For Your Business

Despite the value that content creation can bring to a business, there are a couple of reasons why webpreneurs shudder at the thought of it – reasons which may not necessarily be true. And it’s because of these that they only expend a minimum to mediocre amount of their resources to amp up their website’s

I Am A Dictator Dad

dictator dad

We live in a different time than when I grew up.  Yes, I know I sound like that old curmudgeon who says “back in my day”.    The truth is that I grew up a lot different than my kids do today and WAY different from most kids today.   I was raised to respect