us economy tracker for ipad

App Review: US Economy Tracker for iPad

If you work in the stock market or have extensive investments or just like to keep up with the economy then you know how much information there is out there for keeping up with the market.  The US economy is sometimes volatile and when you’re dealing with investments, every second counts.    I know that one problem I’ve had when looking into my own investments is the shear volume of information and trying to sift through it.  It’s vital to see not only the current data but also historical data so you can see trends.

So today I’m looking at US Economy Tracker for iPad.   The US Economy Tracker for iPad is a paid app for Apple devices and the cost is $2.99.  I installed the app and took a look around to see what kind of data it gives you.

Here are the features (and my thoughts)  for the US Economy Tracker for iPad:

  • Calendar of Key US economic data releases:  This is the main component to the US Economy Tracker for iPad.  It makes it very easy to see what data releases will be coming out on a specific date.  It’s also nice to see historical information such as what came out on a date in the past.  Clicking on a report takes you to the website with the corresponding data.
  • Time Zone Adjustment:  Release dates are adjusted by your local time zone but they can also be configured to Eastern time zone as well.  This is useful for staying on top of data releases as soon as they post on the east coast.
  • Indicators Linked to Interactive Charts:  The indicators area of the US Economy Tracker gives you a ton of information with lots of charts.  For instance, if I want to see data on Construction Spending, I choose that indicator and the chart shows me 7 years worth of data.  The cool thing is that you can change that to show more years and you can change the Y-axis.   So i changed this report to show 20 years worth of data and to show the Percentage Change From a Year Ago.  This lets you delve into the data and see what aspects really matter to you.
  • Quick Access Indicators in these categories:  Business, Consumers, Employment, Fiscal, GDP Components, Housing, Inflation, and Trade.

I went through the various indicators and reports trying out the various Y-Axis options and was really impressed with the collection of data.   The data in the US Economy Tracker for iPad is available in other locations but having it all at your fingertips makes it much easier to find what you need quickly.

I didn’t experience any problems with the app and it worked quickly for me.  Head on over to the app store to get your copy.


us economy tracker for ipad

us economy tracker for ipad


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