Would You Blow Up The Asteroid?

I love hypothetical questions.  You can get absurd with the situation and force people to make hypothetical decisions they would never have to make in real life.  This may seem like a lot of fun and games but it’s actually a good way to dig deep into a person’s psyche (and even your own).  You

Infographic: Business Etiquette Around The World

If you have had significant contact with people from other countries, then you probably know there are very significant cultural differences.  Personal and business etiquette are very important to know.  I had a roommate in college from Japan.  I mean, he was FROM Japan.  Koshiru spoke very little English and this was his first time

How To Monetize Your Apps

Today’s post comes from Rob LaPointe. Rob is an employee at Software Developers India. He can also be reached at 408.802.2885 or by direct email, [email protected]   Today’s Buzzword is Apps. Apps are everywhere. There’s probably an app somewhere that tells you exactly how many apps there are! But the point is that there are literally millions.

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Online


The time we live in is great in many ways. The technology at our disposal has transformed the way we live our lives (not all changes are positive).   Those of us who have children now have an entire new list of things to worry about.   There are many…many dangers online for children.  Not

The Great Sleepover Adventure

goodnites trufit #confidentkids #shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ConfidentKids #CollectiveBias Do you remember sleepovers as a kid?  I do and they were so much fun.  My first sleepovers were with my cousins and we always had a lot of fun (until we started fighting).  Well, my

Camping Tips Infographic

One of the best ways to spend time with family is to go on a camping trip together. You can share stories around a campfire, cook breakfast in the middle of nature — you can even teach your kids how to fish! Most importantly however, going camping is a great way to get away from

Reiko Wireless Business Opportunity

I was at the mall the other day spending way too much money when I came across one of those kiosks.  You know that things in the middle of the mall where they sell all sorts of items.  Well, this one was selling mobile accessories.  He had all sorts of cases, chargers, docks, batteries, screen

My Dream Vacations

I love to take vacations.  My family and I take a vacation each summer and I look forward to it all year.  I think this is pretty common.  It’s actually a little sad…I work 51 weeks a year in anticipation of one week of vacation bliss.  I don’t think this is how we were meant