Infographic: Who Drinks The Most Coffee?

I’m not a coffee drinker….I hate it.  I would much rather have a Mountain Dew and some chocolate but my wife has to have her coffee every morning.  Now, when I say “has to”…I mean HAS TO.  She cannot function without her cup of coffee.  I also have a coworker who drinks the stuff by

Infographic: What’s In Payroll Taxes

I was recently sent this infographic which shows you where payroll taxes go.   This is pretty good information to have.  Personally I am a sole proprietor and don’t have any employees so it isn’t relevant to me in my business.  But I also have a day job where payroll taxes are taken out.  It’s

Infographic: Ultimate Guide To The Moustache

Today I’m tackling an important issue.  One that has the potential to change the world…..The Moustache.  Yes, you heard me right.  I feel that world would be a better place if everyone had a moustache.  Personally, my favorite moustache was always Magnum P.I.  How could you not love that stache.  Think about it, how else

Camping With Kids Infographic

If you’ve ever been camping with kids then you know that it has the potential to be great family time and you can make many wonderful memories.  But it also has chance of making you want to run screaming into the forest while pulling your hair out. I ran across this infographic on camping with

Mobile Solutions For Sales Teams [Infographic]

The use of mobile devices has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our everyday life and this hold true for the business world also.   Many experts say that 90 percent of sales departments are set to implement some form of mobile technology.   In order to remain competitive, today’s sales teams must utilize all technology

The Eye Opening Stats of Smartphones

Here are some interesting stats on smartphone ownership and use.  This infographic was produced by Earl Ray and he was gracious enough to share it with us here at Small Biz Dad.   This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Finish Line coupon code) and Small Biz Dad   Embed This InfoGraphic on your

Infographic: 7 Dos and Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing

mobile app marketing

For those of you who develop mobile apps or who help market mobile apps then we have the perfect infographic.    The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing, from DotComInfoWay, gives you 7 points to consider when you are begin marketing your mobile app.  For instance, “Optimize on the App Store”…this is a

Infographic: Online Outsourcing Platforms

online outsourcing services

There are a few big outsourcing services online today.  Personally I have used Elance several times with mixed results.  Outsourcing services are potentially great for small businesses since they can get many services at very competitive prices. For consultants and freelancers, outsourcing sites opens up the potential to increase your client base…however the amount of

Infographic: How Mobile Apps Have Changed The World

Think about your life 10 years ago or even 20 years ago.  How different was your life without the mobile apps that you use every day.   I delivered pizza in college and I remember having to stop at gas stations and use the pay phone to get directions.  Much easier now.  If you were

Infographic: Top 10 Places To Work

places to work

Before I start, let me clarify..I know that it’s 2013.  But I ran across this infographic which lists the top 10 places to work in 2012.  I think it’s interesting to see how these companies rated last year.  The numbers were taken from employee ratings so that would seem to make them fairly accurate. The