Infographic: Top 10 Places To Work

places to work

Before I start, let me clarify..I know that it’s 2013.  But I ran across this infographic which lists the top 10 places to work in 2012.  I think it’s interesting to see how these companies rated last year.  The numbers were taken from employee ratings so that would seem to make them fairly accurate. The

Infographic – Get Your Customers To Check In

check in

We know that more and more of your customers have smarthphones.  And more of them are using them to find businesses on the go.  Services like Foursquare and Facebook (check in) have created a great opportunity for small businesses to leverage the power of social media and smartphone use. But for this to be beneficial

Infographic: Small Business Social Media Use

social media

Social media, when used correctly, can be a powerful tool for small businesses.  I personally have seen the benefit of connecting with others on LinkedIn, marketing via my Facebook page, and keeping clients updated frequently by using Twitter. The marketing mantra has always been…go where the people are and people are on social media.  It

Infographic: The Small Business Landscape

Are you a small business owner?  If so, then you know the challenges faced by small business owners in today’s environment.   Generally, especially in the beginning, small business owners face a shortage of time and money. Small business owners need solid financial advice.  How many times have small businesses failed not because of a

Infographic: Ways CRM Can Increase Sales

[important]Most small businesses would benefit from the addition of a CRM application.  If you business relies on sales then a good application could help you organize your customers, potential customers, and sales leads.  Here at Small Biz Dad, we certainly recognize the importance of cultivating and maintaining the relationships with your customers. The folks over

Infographic: Small Business From A Smartphone

small business

[warning] A common theme here at Small Biz Dad is accomplishing more and more of your business tasks from your smartphone.  In fact we did an article a while back which listed apps to run your small business from your smartphone.  I ran across this infographic this morning which goes over some apps that let

Infographic – CEO Influence on Twitter


I found this infographic regarding various CEOs and their use of Twitter.  Not really a big surprise that Zuckerberg isn’t huge on Twitter…kind of like saying that Ford’s CEO isn’t driving a Camaro.  Anyway, check it out. A number of CEOs have used their Twitter accounts to directly reach vast audiences of fans. These inspirational

InfoGraphic: 10 Productivity Apps

I ran across this infographic on another site and decided to repost it here for you all to see.  There are some great apps on this graphic you’ll probably notice some of my favorites.    Dropbox and GoToMeeting stand out for me.  But I’m more interested in some of the apps that I have never

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile

You’d have to live under a rock not to realize the use of smart phones have had a huge impact on our lives and our society.   I found this great infographic from Trinity Digital Marketing which shows some amazing facts and figures related to the mobile industry and the way it has grown. Just a

Business Travelers Addicted to SmartPhones?

PC Housing has published stats that show most business travelers are more and more dependent on their smartphones.    I can say from personal experience that my smartphone has not tied me to work but has given me freedom to get away from the office.  Now I can go to my kid’s baseball games and