Developer Submission: Contacts Backup

DEVELOPER SUBMITTED POST – This post was generated via our app submission form. The content here is from the developer and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Biz Dad. This app helps to backup the contacts stored on a Android phone onto the Cloud server. This app is super fast and very easy

Using Mobile Survey Apps for Better Client Interaction

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post Businesses base their decisions on anticipating and meeting client needs. Consequently, interacting with their clients to receive this vital data is an important part of conducting business. However, traditional client survey reports have been anything but accurate and have helped disenfranchise clients from businesses rather than draw

Developer Submission: Contact Export

contact export

Contact Export:- Export your Contact in to EXCEL and Save in SD Card. 5 Star Rated App. More then 10,000 Download in 1 Month. NO limit of Contact Export. You can Export the Contact with full information to excel on any android device. Import is also easy. Import Version is Coming soon. visit

Tips on Using Tasker


Have you heard of Tasker?  It is a great little Android app that lets you do some pretty cool things with your device.  I realize that some people are intimidated by Tasker and will not try it.  I purchased it a while back but didn’t really find a use for it.  I recently re-installed it and have

5 Android Email Apps

android email app

What do you use for email on your Android device?  Do you have a favorite Android email app?  I personally use the stock Gmail app since all of my accounts are either straight Gmail or Google Apps for Business.  But some people like to use other email apps on their devices.  There are many reasons