5 Benefits Of VPS’s For Small Businesses

With an array of different servers and cloud options available, understandably it’s quite difficult for business owners to keep track of every new advancement in technology that could be beneficial to their company. Which is why this post focuses on just one area of technology, the VPS. To provide you with a simple, comprehensive understanding

Why You Should Say Goodbye To External Storage

Everyone has heard of ‘The Cloud’, and almost everyone uses it in their own time. Multiple computer technicians have stated that external storage, like USB and dedicated servers, are outdated and can carry a multitude of viruses that virtual based servers are immune to. They also say that they spend more time trying to retrieve

Cloud Storage Comparison – Dropbox and OneDrive

cloud storage

Do you use cloud storage?  No, I’m not talking about balloons or airplanes or that cool flying aircraft carrier from The Avengers.  I’m talking about cloud (or network) based storage.  I have been using several cloud storage services for quite a while.  I have my favorite (we’ll get to that in a minute) but I’m

Back Up Your cPanel Website with Site Auto Backup

site auto backup

I wrote an article a while back about backing up your website.  After publishing that post I heard from a few bloggers who said they don’t do regular backups and some said they have never backed up their sites.  I personally think that this is playing with fire.  You never know when disaster will happen

SkyDrive for Windows Phone

There are many cloud storage services on the market today.  If you read this blog very often then you know that I am a big fan of Dropbox.  But there’s also Sugarsync, Google Drive, and many others.  Today I’m looking at SkyDrive for Windows Phone.  SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage offering and gives you 7GB

Developer Submission: Contacts Backup

DEVELOPER SUBMITTED POST – This post was generated via our app submission form. The content here is from the developer and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Biz Dad. This app helps to backup the contacts stored on a Android phone onto the Cloud server. This app is super fast and very easy

What is the Cloud?

what is the cloud

As part of a recent post I set about to give a quick and dirty explanation of what is the cloud.  I think I did a pretty poor job but I did get my point across.  Skip to yesterday, I was meeting with a client whom is attempting to take a small town government from

3 Great Small Business Cloud Services

small business cloud

As a small business owner or employee I’m sure you hear about “the cloud” all the time.  In fact it has become a buzz word with everyone jumping on board.  Pretty much everyone is coming out with “cloud” apps…Microsoft has Office 365, Google has Google Apps for your Business,  Adobe has many different services.  But

Video: 5 Dropbox Tips and Tricks


I love Dropbox…there I said it.  If you read this blog on a semi regular basis then you know this is true.  I’ve written about and mentioned Dropbox many times in many articles.  I believe it is a great service that works exactly as it is supposed to with very little effort on the user’s

Sync Your Files with Cubby from LogMeIn

Are there any Dropbox users in the house?? Raise your hands…yes you and you and you…and me.  I have used Dropbox for quite a while and love it.  Now LogMeIn has come out with Cubby, a cloud storage and file sync service. Cubby The way Cubby works is that it creates a “My Cubby” folder