Top 5 Android Business Apps


People have, at one point or another, made use of smart devices and now it has become a part of our daily lives and touches many different phases of our lives. In the business sector too these smart devices like the smart phones, tablets and the recently introduced phablets have proved their worth and slowly their use is

Infographic: Ways CRM Can Increase Sales

[important]Most small businesses would benefit from the addition of a CRM application.  If you business relies on sales then a good application could help you organize your customers, potential customers, and sales leads.  Here at Small Biz Dad, we certainly recognize the importance of cultivating and maintaining the relationships with your customers. The folks over

Billings Touch for iPhone

I’ve decided to revisit my time tracking apps that I use.  Today I’m looking at a new one.  Billings Touch is a time tracking and invoicing app for iPhone.  You can use Billings Touch as a standalone app or in conjunction with Billings for Mac.  Since I don’t have a Mac, I’ll have to try

Infographic: Small Business From A Smartphone

small business

[warning] A common theme here at Small Biz Dad is accomplishing more and more of your business tasks from your smartphone.  In fact we did an article a while back which listed apps to run your small business from your smartphone.  I ran across this infographic this morning which goes over some apps that let

Tracking Software for Business


When you are running your own business there are lots of things to take care of and they take a massive amount of time, effort and hard work. It is easy for your employees to think that you have the easy ride and that you are making your money off of their hard work. It

Press Release: MySammy Announces iPhone and Android Apps


MySammy iPhone and Android apps available. [notice]If you have off site workers, then you know the challenge is ensuring they stay productive.  Human nature usually ensures that a good percentage of people will be goofing off if they have no one monitoring their productivity.  So we ran across this press release for MySammy, which is

Google Keep Released

google keep

I’m not sure how long Google Keep has been around…I personally had never heard of it.  But now we have the official release and people are talking about it.  I keep hear people comparing Google Keep with Evernote.  I decided to look at it to see how they compared. Google Keep works great…at least the

Infographic – CEO Influence on Twitter


I found this infographic regarding various CEOs and their use of Twitter.  Not really a big surprise that Zuckerberg isn’t huge on Twitter…kind of like saying that Ford’s CEO isn’t driving a Camaro.  Anyway, check it out. A number of CEOs have used their Twitter accounts to directly reach vast audiences of fans. These inspirational

Grainger Mobile for Android

Ever heard of Grainger?  I have to admit that the app I’m looking at today is one that I personally haven’t used before today.  I drive buy a Grainger store every day on the way to pick up my kids from school…but I never realized what kind of store it was.   I thought it

Press Release: MedZine for Physicians


Below is a press release regarding MedZine for Android and iOS.  This app allows physicians to create a customized news source on whichever fields/topics they choose. Amsterdam – March 19, 2013 International medical publishing company Medix Publishers is now launching an international version of its authoritative medical news generation app MedZine which is exclusively designed