Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website Right Now!

With the death of PCs, the world is witnessing shrinking screen sizes and accelerated mobility. Human survival has now got one more determining factor— a mobile phone. It wasn’t long ago that a business seeking a good online presence just needed its own website. But today, after accessibility tracing its way right in the hands

Developer Submission: Contacts Backup

DEVELOPER SUBMITTED POST – This post was generated via our app submission form. The content here is from the developer and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Biz Dad. This app helps to backup the contacts stored on a Android phone onto the Cloud server. This app is super fast and very easy

Top 5 Financial Apps for Entrepreneurs

Everyone has a financial plan. And it’s good to have one too, as it helps you to keep your income and expenditures on track, so that you can focus more on savings. When it comes to entrepreneurs, bookkeeping and accounting become even more important as every penny only adds more value. However, it’s also quite

Customer Support Using a Web Based Help Desk

web based help desk

You may have noticed that I have not posted much lately.  One reason is that my consulting business has been very busy.  And one thing keeping me busy is dealing with support requests from clients.  For years I have used a web based help desk but lately my old help desk just hasn’t been sufficient.

Top 4G Handsets for 2013

4G Phone

With 4G use becoming more common, it’s worth thinking about what the top handsets are for 2013 that can use the advanced mobile broadband standard. 4G represents a significant leap forward in terms of speed from 3G, with average download rates of around 20 to 30 Mbps doubling average speeds for older forms of mobile

How to Succeed in Mobile App Development in India

There are hundreds of mobile app development companies in India, so how does a relatively new company break into the market and compete against the big players already entrenched? With any business, success is immediately tied to the quality of service you provide. With so much competition already out there, you’re only as good as