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I have a pretty busy life.  I have a wonderful wife and 3 great kids.  My life with them keeps me going.  I also have a full time job that I work.  Then there’s my consulting business which keeps me up many nights.  So I have a lot to keep me busy.  Lastly, there’s this

Working From Home With Kids

For anyone who had ever dealt with a long commute or long hours in a cubicle, working from home feels like a day off many times and should be considered a luxury.  Working from home has other benefits, such as gas savings, less wasted time (waiting in traffic), a comfortable environment, and (my favorite) you

ID Card Workshop Review

id card workshop

A couple of years ago I helped a client take their operation from a paper and file based operation to a computer based operation.  When I say paper and file I mean they were still using typewriters and processing membership renewal cards by hand.  When meant updating user data by hand in two different locations