Crucial Family Driving Vacation Considerations

Vacations can be expensive things when you have an entire family to pay for. Happily, you can cut the cost and still get to see some exciting places if you choose to drive to your destination instead of fly. However, before you make the final decision, you do need to consider all the aspects of

We Escaped To Amelia Island

After a one year hiatus, we returned to our favorite summer vacation spot…Amelia Island and the city of Fernandina Beach, Florida.  We have been coming here for 4 or 5 years and it gets better each time.  As far as beach towns go, it’s the most laid back…easy going place you’ll visit.  We try to

How To Introduce More Travel Into Your Family Life

Every family will have a different rhythm that works for them. But it’s safe to say that no family will ever have one set rhythm that works for them forever. Because things change. As we age and our children grow, we get different priorities, our needs change, and we have to adapt our routines and

Best Places To Stay When Working Abroad

Traveling can be fun, except when it’s for business. More often than not, you find yourself with barely enough time to get ready for your international trip and to research the area. Traveling abroad for business can be a pain, especially when you need to stay over for a few days to work on a

Places To Visit In Florida This Winter

Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the USA, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the home of Miami beach, Disneyland, and has a beautiful climate in the summer months. However, now that winter is upon us, where are the best places to go to experience the colder season? Key West

Does Your Travel Insurance Really Cover You?

If you have your ear close to the ground, you will know that recently, there has been a fair share of travel-related disasters or emergencies. From hurricanes closing down Orlando theme parks for days, and ruining Caribbean resorts, to earthquakes meaning flights are delayed, as well as airlines going into administration or overbooking, it can

Capture The Magic At Disney World

disney world

When you’re looking for a magical escape with the kids, it doesn’t get better than Disney World, Orlando. This is, after all, a theme park designed with magic in mind. It’s a place where dreams come true. Children and adults alike can lose themselves inside Disney’s creations. Of course, there are things you can do

How to Travel for Business Abroad

business travel

International business travel can be quite a bit trickier than domestic travel. The biggest difference is that you have to plan differently when it’s for business. The last thing you’d want, for example, is to be stuck without a place to stay because you forgot to book your corporate housing in Los Angeles. Here are

My Dream Vacations

I love to take vacations.  My family and I take a vacation each summer and I look forward to it all year.  I think this is pretty common.  It’s actually a little sad…I work 51 weeks a year in anticipation of one week of vacation bliss.  I don’t think this is how we were meant