Essential Advice for Professional Blogging


The main thing to remember when entering the world of professional blogging is that you are being paid to write. This is what elevates your blogs from the amateur level to the professional. You might be a brilliant blogger in you free time but to do it professionally, which you can do, you need to

Wells Fargo Android App

wells fargo android app

If you are in business then you most likely have a bank.  Unless of course you prefer to keep  your money in mason jars in the backyard.  If so, then it’s highly unlikely that you are reading this site.  So, with that in mind, I’m going to take a quick look at the Wells Fargo

NoteLedge for iPad [App Review]


[appstore id=”483101556″] If you own an iPad and are looking for a beautiful note taking app, then you need to check out NoteLedge for iPad from Kdan Mobile Software LTD. As I mentioned in my app review of Penultimate for iPad, one reason I got an iPad was so I could get rid of pen

5 Things To Look For In VOIP Service


If you are looking for a VoIP system then you need to look for one that is going to meet your needs. As you are going to be using this for communication, you will need to find one that will not break down at every turn. Businesses are going to rely on communication for all

Top Apps for Restaurant Professionals

restaurant professionals

There’s an app for everything nowadays – the ads don’t lie – and they’re useful for far more than just keeping yourself entertained while you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office. You can use apps to keep your home organized, to maintain your health, and even to manage your business. For restaurant professionals, there


So,  you may have noticed that I haven’t posted an article in several days.   We’ll,  don’t worry… I haven’t been taken by the zombie apocalypse.  I’m actually on vacation. It’s important for us all to relax and rewind every now and then. I don’t even have my laptop with me.   I’m writing this post on

Press Release: Helleo, Video Communication Tool


Communicating with your team is an essential part of running a successful business.  So we are always looking for ways to make that communication easier. Today I received a press release regarding Helleo which is touted as a video communication tool.    Helleo runs on HTML5 and  requires no plugins.  This is a great feature

Step Up Your Game With These iOS Business Apps

business apps

No matter how much you enjoy your daily dealings in the world of business there must be times when you could use a little help. It may be related to those pesky travel arrangements or perhaps your expenses are a weak link in your business ‘armor’. We all have a particular aspect of day to

3 iPhone Productivity Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

iphone productivity apps

The iPhone is a popular phone but is it popular with business users?  There are many iPhone productivity apps out there but many users aren’t concerned with that…they are more concerned with games or media apps.  But as the iPhone make more inroads into the business sector, iPhone productivity apps become more  important. Personally I